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Banisteriopsis muricata | Red ayahuasca Vine| Red Caapi Yage | Shuar LOGS

Fresh Organic Shredded Shuar RED ayahuasca Banisteriopsis muricata from Ecuador
Sustainable harvested in cooperation with Shuar healers in the Amazon. After 1 year of search we have found her finally 🙂

As a member of the Malpighiaceae family, Banisteriopsis muricata or Red Ayahuasca is a beautiful and mysterious vine. It has very similar effects as the Banisteriopsis caapi, which is known as Yellow Ayahuasca, except that B. muricata is considered a stronger medicine. The rich red color it produces when extracted denotes its name, Red Ayahuasca. The leaves are also slightly different, with the B. muricata leaves being smaller as well as a slightly different structure. Interestingly, another distinguishable characteristic that sets these two species of vines apart, is that there are two different types of ants who inhabit each vine.

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