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Ipomoea tricolor Seed (Heavenly Blue Morning Glory, Tlitlilzin, Ipomea tricolor)


Family: Convolvulaceae (Bindweed family)

Genus: Ipomoea

Species: I. tricolor

Origin: United States

Common names: Morning Glory, Tlitlilzin (Aztec, ‘Black Divine’), Badoh, Negro, Heavenly Blue, Badoh Negro (Zapotec, ‘Black Badoh’), Bajucillo (Spanish, ‘Little Tendril’), La’aja Shnash (Zapotec, ‘Seeds of the Virgin’, Mantos de Cielo (Spanish, ‘Coat of Heaven’), Ma:sung Pahk (Mixe, ‘Bones of the Children’), Mehen Tu’xikin (Lacandon, ‘Little Stink Ear’), Pih Pu’ecte:sh (Mixe, ‘Flower of the Broken Plates’), Quiebraplato (Mexico, ‘Breaker of Plates’), Xha’il (Mayan, ‘That from the Water’)

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