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Cacao Ceremony: Heart Opening Medicine

Cacao ceremony, heart opening medicine. Ceremony space. Cacao cup in woman's hand

Cacao Ceremony: Heart Opening Medicine Cacao ceremony has mythical beginnings. An ancient tolteca legend says that the cacao drink belonged only to the gods. Quetzalcoatl —the feathered-serpent, and the most revered divinity in Mesoamerica— betrayed his own kind and came to the earth with cacao seeds hidden in his beard for humanity to benefit from […]

What is Minga?

Sharing food during minga.

What is Minga? By Camila Franco • 5 April 2023 There is a tradition that was once common to all cultures, one that is a part of our human nature even when our current societies don’t encourage it. It’s about people coming together with the purpose of reaching a common goal, with no money exchange […]