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Certified Sustainable, Ethical and Traceable

FairWild certification means that buyers know they are dealing with legally, ethically and sustainably harvested products.

Good News! Working sustainable, ethical and traceable is a leading theme for us. Our Waking Herbs sourcing company in Ecuador is now certified by Fairwild Foundation. Our Banisteriopsis caapi, Bobinsana and Dragons Blood are the products that are certified right now. More to follow. “FairWild certification means that buyers know they are dealing with legally, […]

Gift of the Sun – Revitalizing your Rapay

Gift of the Sun - Revitalizing your Rapay

Gift of the Sun – Revitalizing your Rapay A while ago we sat with an old friend whose family has been working with rapay for generations. We shared rapays and stories around the fire. As we sat together he told us that his family used to put older rapays in the bright sun light in […]

The Katukina People (Pano)


[vc_row][vc_column width=”5/6″][vc_column_text el_class=”lead”]Many of our rapés are sourced from the Katukina. But without further explanation this is neither wrong nor right. Identifying the Katukina based on their name is difficult, since different groups have been designated with the same name at various time and places over colonial history.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text] This text relates to the group that […]

Update Ayahuasca situation in the Netherlands

Update Ayahuasca situation in the Netherlands We have received a lot of questions about the situation in the Netherlands concerning ayahuasca and if we are able to still provide the sacred plants. In October 2019 there has been a ruling of the high court that importing of ready made ayahuasca by the Sante Daime church […]

World Ayahuasca Conference 2019 – Hope to meet you there!

Iceers World Ayahuasca Conference

World Ayahuasca Conference 2019 AYA2019 a coming together of our global community May 31 – June 2 | Girona, Spain Laura and Philip would like to meet you in person on this gathering. We hope to see you there! ICEERS’s iconic World Ayahuasca Conference is just around the corner!  This gathering will bring together an incredible […]


Replanting biodiversity ayahuasca

In Ecuador a “good farmer” is one who has chopped all trees and has turned the jungle into meadows for cows. We have a different view as we believe that biodiversity is of most importance. This is one of the reasons why we started the WakingHerbs project. With the higher demand for the plants used […]

What is Rapé?

What is rapé

Rapé is a mixture of pulverized natural substances gathered from deep in the jungle and used for thousands of years as a sacred shamanic tool by indigenous tribes, mostly from the Peruvian and Brazilian Amazon rainforest. The powder is traditionally prepared with mapacho (Nicotiana rustica) and can be blended with bark ashes, smashed roasted seeds […]