Bobinsana flower for alcohol extraction

The Role of Alcohol in Extracts

The Role of Alcohol in Extracts Munay extracts received several inquiries: “Why do you use alcohol for your extracts?” We use alcohol in our extracts

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Sharing food during minga.

What is Minga?

What is Minga? By Camila Franco • 5 April 2023 There is a tradition that was once common to all cultures, one that is a

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Ground powdered mimosa hostilis root bark in wooden bowl, Visionary plant compound. Ayahuasca.

What is Mimosa hostilis?

What is Mimosa hostilis?   By Camila Franco  •  24 February 2023   Mimosa hostilis is one of those plants that you come across by

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What is Ayahuasca?

“Ayahuasca is not fugitive pleasure, seedless luck, and adventure… Ayahuasca is a door, not to hear but to enter this and other natures.” With these

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