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Blue Lotus Flower Papyrus

Blue Lotus Extract: Reviving Ancient Traditions

Sitting away at night in your apartment, in your realm of peace you still worry and have sleepless nights. The world seems to spin into a relentless turmoil without understanding why. You work hard, you are grateful and you are one of the lucky ones to have an amazing healthy life in this world. Somehow anxiety  still creeps in. Uncertainty of the future to come, it is hard to deal with the unknown, just embrace and enjoy the ride. Our feelings have been the same throughout history. We have not invented new emotions, these same emotions have been felt before by all of us. But maybe they have been approached differently across the ages? 


Bear with me, these thoughts lead me to an ancient myth that left its encasement of a pyramid and shined through the sands of Egypt. It’s the story of a flower that signifies rebirth. It has been painted in many hieroglyphs throughout the pyramids, papyrus scripts and temples. Some call it the birth of civilization, and for this story we will keep it as the birthplace. The flower that bloomed in the blue waters of the Nile was the blue lotus, scientifically known as the Nymphaea caerulea. The flower was beloved by many. Its magical powers and exquisite scent turned it into a god’s most prized possession. Some even say that it had the power to conquer a demon born from human fears.

Blue Lotus Flower

Blue Lotus Birth

This demon, ancient as time, thrived on the unease in people’s hearts. The more they would worry the stronger it would get, the less time they rested, the more minds he would have under his control. Egypt faced dark times, with the demon’s might appearing unbeatable. But what the demon did not know is that in the waters of the land he was tormenting, hope blossomed. Nefertem whispered promises of strength and serenity.

Nefertem the god of beauty and healing protected this sacred flower. Working from the dusk of dawn to high hours of the dark nights looking for an answer. Nefertem remembered that he himself emerged from a lotus flower, so he started experimenting with the plant. After seven nights of experimenting, he created a possible solution, a blue lotus extract that would help the people of Egypt blossom once again.

Secret Powers

The blue lotus extract was more than a symbol of rebirth. It harbored a secret power to weaken the demon feeding on fear and anxiety. Nefertem knew this and asked Khepri, the scarab beetle god, to help him spread the blue lotus extract throughout Egypt. Both gods glazed the powerful extract to thousands of scarab beetles that had the strict order to scatter the powerful extract though all the water sources of the land. 

During that next morning, the overall feeling over Egypt was one of calmness and wellbeing. The blue lotus extract soothed the restless minds and calmed the anxious hearts across the land. The demon felt the lack of sustenance but was not willing to give up easily. He summoned a sand storm to  stop the scarab beetles from scattering the blue lotus extract that coming night in order for him to regain some strength. 

Ancient Allies

When Neferten saw the sand storms delaying the scarab beetles for accomplishing their job he turned into another of his friends. Unfortunately he did not have a great relationship with the goddess Tefnut but he had to try. So he approached her and asked for her help. She is the goddess of water and rain and also a lunar deity associated with the cycles and powers of the moon. He explained to her what was going on with the demon and the people of Egypt and she agreed to help. 

Nefertem set to work, his hands adept in the ancient art of extraction, drawing forth the essence of the blue lotus. He crafted a gallon of the blue lotus potion as blue as the twilight Nile, radiating a peace that seemed to embody tranquility itself. He worked hard for 5 days. During those 5 days the demon had regained strength. Nobody had seen a 5 day sandstorm and they feared for the worst, that made the demon even stronger. 

Nefertem knew that he had to act fast so he gave the potent extract to Tefnut and she mixed it with the rain. The magical rain fell all over Egypt and filled the wells, rivers, streams with the powerful medicine. 

Blue Lotus Extract  Benefits

As people began drinking the water with the blue lotus extract, a transformation took hold. Sleep returned to the weary, and dreams visited the restless once more. Each night of peaceful slumber weakened the demon, loosening its grip on their hearts. 

Deprived of the fear it fed upon, the demon withered into nothingness, becoming a mere shadow, a forgotten nightmare. Nefertem’s victory came not through battle, but through the blossoming power of the blue lotus extract.

If We Know Our Past We Should Not Repeat it

On our daily routines sometimes the ticking clock often feels like a relentless reminder that our lives are ending one second at a time. Or maybe we can decide to enjoy every second that goes by and forget that time is flowing like an endless river. We should be encouraged to appreciate the present, to find peace in the natural world and to embrace the moments of calm amidst the chaos of our daily routines.  

The story you have just read is a blend of historical elements and fictional storytelling.The blue lotus indeed holds significant historical and cultural importance in ancient Egypt and Nefertem was indeed born from it. Nefertem was also considered the god of perfume and healing and he was directly involved with the blue lotus. Khepri is the god of scarab beetles and Tefnut is the goddess of water and rain. While the battle against a fear-feeding demon is a fictional creative insight, a story created from my imagination. Yet, the narrative of using the blue lotus extract to conquer a mythical demon is a creative interpretation, a metaphor for overcoming the intangible demons of worry and anxiety that we all face.

Closing Thoughts

In closing, let this story be a reminder that, though we cannot control the relentless march of time or the myriad uncertainties of life, we can choose how we respond. We can find strength in stillness, peace in the present, and joy in the simple wonders that surround us. Like the enduring blue lotus on the Nile, may we continue to bloom in grace and tranquility, no matter what waters life may bring.


Written by: Andrés Molestina




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