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bobinsana Calliandra angustifolia

“Sirenita de los Rios, danza danza con el Viento…”

These are the first words of a beautiful serenade to Bobinsana. “Little mermaid of the rivers, dance dance with the wind”.  This blogpost will tell you more about this beautiful plant. She is not only beautiful in appearance, but also as a plant teacher. Even it’s Latin name sounds sweet: Calliandra angustifolia. While reading we suggest you listen to our friend Deva Yama who played the song during a stay in the rainforest: Sirenita Bobinsana

 Heart Opener

Bobinsana is treasured in the Peruvian Amazon as a “master” or “teacher” plant as well as for its healing properties. She is often lovingly called Sirenita (little mermaid) or Doctorcita (little doctor) Bobinsana. This shrubby tree blossoms in a mass of beautiful powderpuff pinky red flowers. It is one of many additional ingredients sometimes added to the Ayahuasca brew in order to subtly alter the experience.



Protection and Spiritual Strength

Bobinsana is known as a gentle spirit who heals and opens the heart. Besides that, she helps to build empathy, compassion, clarity and concentration. Therefor, she deepens your connection to nature and initiates feelings of oneness and unconditional love. Bobinsana communicates and teaches by creating richly colourful and lucid dreams.

Calliandra angustifolia is part of La Dieta

As a teacher plant, Bobinsana is traditionally used in the third or fourth stage of la dieta. This is the shamanic diet that can take up to several weeks. During these difficult phases she is valued for the physical and spiritual strength she gives. Bobinsana brings protection and defence. Such protection is necessary against the negative powers that pursue healers. Such powers come as much from nature as from other shamans. The Diet consists of living in isolation and eating a very restricted diet. The participant will abstain from sex, alcohol and other stimulants. Besides that, various plants are given to the participant in strict order. Usually one starts with strongly purifying plants. Other plants traditionally used in the Diet are Mansoa alliacea (Ajo sacha), Brunfelsia grandiflora (Chiriq sanango), Maytenus krukovii (Chuchuhuasi) and Uncaria tomentosa (Uña de gate).  We provide all these sacred tools!

Snuffs, Rapé and other Uses

Calliandra species have also been used in snuffs and as additives to cacao and pulque, which is is an agave liquor of the Aztecs. We use finely powdered Bobinsana our fabulous Colombian Rapé  and our Yawanawa Awakening Rapé.

Plant Healer

Bobinsana is traditionally used for arthritis and rheumatism, uterine disorders including cancer, edema and for colds, flu and chills. Moreover, it is also a depurative used to cleanse the blood and lung mucosa. In South America a decoction of the whole plant (leaves, stems, branches, and flowers) is prepared as a general tonic for strength and energy. Bobinsana is traditionally used as a contraceptive in Peru. However, there is no research to confirm its effectiveness. However, those wishing to get pregnant should probably not use it. No antagonistic interactions with drugs or other plants are known.

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