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Blue Lotus, the sacred flower of the Egyptians

Nymphaea caerulea   Blue lotus flower  (Nymphaea caerulea) is a water lily endemic to East Africa. It was once the most important sacred and ritualistic plant of Ancient Egypt. The reason is simple: the stunning flowers and buds hold a special gift to which only the elite, the priests and the dead had access.   […]

What is Mimosa hostilis?

Ground powdered mimosa hostilis root bark in wooden bowl, Visionary plant compound. Ayahuasca.

What is Mimosa hostilis?   By Camila Franco  •  24 February 2023   Mimosa hostilis is one of those plants that you come across by chance and end up turning into a generous and fine ally. It holds great potential for skin health and spiritual growth.     Mimosa hostilis is a genus of tropical and […]

Ancient Spiritual Cleansing Rituals for the New Year

Cleansing rituals

Ancient Spiritual Cleansing Rituals for the New Year Traditionally, every society had its own way of celebrating a new turn around the sun, of welcoming the possibilities of a new cycle, through elaborated rituals filled with symbolism, beauty, and a great sense of belonging. Different beliefs, different languages, different rites, and ceremonies, but almost every […]

What is Ayahuasca?

“Ayahuasca is not fugitive pleasure, seedless luck, and adventure… Ayahuasca is a door, not to hear but to enter this and other natures.” With these sweet and wise words, Peruvian artists Tito la Rosa and Cucha del Águila manages to explain in a profound and symbolic way what can only be understood from the heart […]

Ilex guayusa – What is it?

Guayusa ilex | Whole leaves

Ilex guayusa – What is it? We recently launched an exciting new product called Munay Energy. It’s the liquid Guayusa extract you’ve all been waiting for! This is reason enough to review some of the traditional uses of the amazing plant that is at the core of the product. Later in this blog, we’ll talk […]

Sign up for the free Plant Spirit Summit 2022!

Plant spirit summit 2022

Plant Spirit Summit 2022! We’re beyond excited to announce that we are the head sponsor of Entheonation’s Plant Spirit Summit 2022! : The plant spirit summit is a free 7 day online event that explores the intersection of plant spirit healing and psychedelic medicine, where over 40 artists and speakers will try to answer the […]

Laura & Ergogenic Health Podcast!

Podcast Laura & Lucas

A little while back, Laura, co-founder of Waking Herbs, sat down with Lucas from Ergogenic Health. Learn all about the Waking Herbs story and ancestral plant remedies in the podcast below! Lucas Aoun is an Australian Naturopath who strives to give you the most cutting-edge health information that you struggle to find on google. The […]

Gift of the Sun – Revitalizing your Rapay

Gift of the Sun - Revitalizing your Rapay

Gift of the Sun – Revitalizing your Rapay A while ago we sat with an old friend whose family has been working with rapay for generations. We shared rapays and stories around the fire. As we sat together he told us that his family used to put older rapays in the bright sun light in […]

The Fantastic Powers of Mimosa Hostilis

Mimosa hostilis Root Bark

There are close to 500 different kinds of Mimosa in the world. Each one has its own unique characteristics. However, there may not be so many plants that are quite as versatile as Mimosa Hostilis. The species goes by a lot of different names. Amongst others Mimosa Tenuiflora, Jurema, or Tepescohuite.  The root bark of […]

The origin of fire: the story of ‘the Fire of the Jaguar’

The Fire of the Jaguar Many native tribes in South America practice the tradition of the spoken word.  Often spun into great tales, these stories have the function of informing the people of cultural values, survival techniques, and explanations about the natural world. In this blog, we shed light on the ancient story of how […]

Ayahuasca – The Spirit Vine

In “Ayahuasca – The Spirit Vine”, a video supported by Wakingherbs, we interview Inga friends in Colombia about what Ayahuasca means to them. This is a very beautiful video made in a ceremonial space, singing, sharing and drinking this beautiful brew. https://youtu.be/k-rPe2b25bY Subscribe to the WakingHerbs YouTube channel

Nymphaea caerulea | Blue Lotus: Flower of the Ancients

Nymphaea caerulea

Nymphaea caerulea, also known as Blue Lotus is a water lily that originally came from the banks of the river Nile.  In ancient times it was prized for its beauty, symbolism and for its consciousness altering effects. Blue Lotus has been used medicinally and during rituals dating back to the civilization of Ancient Egypt.  This […]