Cacao, Blue Lotus, and Bobinsana

cacao blue lotus and bobinsana

Spring is here, you can feel the love in the air. Perhaps it’s the gentle cool breeze carrying the sweet fragrance of blooming flowers, or the warm sun shining down on us. Regardless of the reason, the feeling of love is palpable and fills our hearts with joy. At Waking Herbs, we believe that Cacao, […]

The power of Ultrasonic caapi paste

Ultrasonic Caapi paste

The power of Ultrasonic Caapi paste  By Thomas • 20 March 2023 For years our traditional 30x Caapi pastes have been among the best-selling products in our store. Now we are introducing a new version of this age-old formula. One that is born from the combination of long-term collaboration with indigenous communities, and the expertise […]

Ancient Spiritual Cleansing Rituals for the New Year

Cleansing rituals

Ancient Spiritual Cleansing Rituals for the New Year Traditionally, every society had its own way of celebrating a new turn around the sun, of welcoming the possibilities of a new cycle, through elaborated rituals filled with symbolism, beauty, and a great sense of belonging. Different beliefs, different languages, different rites, and ceremonies, but almost every […]

Ilex guayusa – What is it?

Guayusa ilex | Whole leaves

Ilex guayusa – What is it? We recently launched an exciting new product called Munay Energy. It’s the liquid Guayusa extract you’ve all been waiting for! This is reason enough to review some of the traditional uses of the amazing plant that is at the core of the product. Later in this blog, we’ll talk […]

Laura & Ergogenic Health Podcast!

Podcast Laura & Lucas

A little while back, Laura, co-founder of Waking Herbs, sat down with Lucas from Ergogenic Health. Learn all about the Waking Herbs story and ancestral plant remedies in the podcast below! Lucas Aoun is an Australian Naturopath who strives to give you the most cutting-edge health information that you struggle to find on google. The […]

Gift of the Sun – Revitalizing your Rapay

Gift of the Sun - Revitalizing your Rapay

Gift of the Sun – Revitalizing your Rapay A while ago we sat with an old friend whose family has been working with rapay for generations. We shared rapays and stories around the fire. As we sat together he told us that his family used to put older rapays in the bright sun light in […]

The Fantastic Powers of Mimosa Hostilis

Mimosa hostilis Root Bark

There are close to 500 different kinds of Mimosa in the world. Each one has its own unique characteristics. However, there may not be so many plants that are quite as versatile as Mimosa Hostilis. The species goes by a lot of different names. Amongst others Mimosa Tenuiflora, Jurema, or Tepescohuite.  The root bark of […]