Cat’s Claw: Amazonian Roots and Modern Appeal

Cat's Claw, Uncaria tomentosa

Cat’s Claw: Amazonian Roots and Modern Appeal By: Andrés Molestina G Deep in the Amazon, a special vine has been weaving its story among the tribes. This isn’t just any vine; it’s the Uncaria tomentosa, or as the locals call it, Cat’s Claw. From being a part of age-old tribal ceremonies to now gracing modern […]

Richard Evans Schultes Legacy

Richar Evans Schultes

Richard Evans Schultes and the Legacy of Amazonian Plant Knowledge By: Andrés Molestina G Schultes, born in Boston on January 12, 1915, was the son of a working class German immigrant. During his  early life, a significant period of illnesses played a crucial role for him, his parents introduced him to botany during this time. […]

The Role of Alcohol in Extracts

Bobinsana flower for alcohol extraction

The Role of Alcohol in Extracts Munay extracts received several inquiries: “Why do you use alcohol for your extracts?” We use alcohol in our extracts because it aids in creating potent extracts. It has been a preferred solvent for herbalists for over 4000 years. Importantly, it’s in the dose. As the great Paracelsus once said, […]

Cacao, Blue Lotus, and Bobinsana

cacao blue lotus and bobinsana

Spring is here, you can feel the love in the air. Perhaps it’s the gentle cool breeze carrying the sweet fragrance of blooming flowers, or the warm sun shining down on us. Regardless of the reason, the feeling of love is palpable and fills our hearts with joy. At Waking Herbs, we believe that Cacao, […]

Message from the Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers:

‘ You are at the beginning of something new. You are learning a new way of being. You will find that you are working less in the yang modes that you are used to. You will stop working so hard at getting from point A to point B the way you have in the past, […]

1000 Year Old Medicine Bag Found in Bolivia

Ancient hallucinogens found in 1,000-year-old shamanic pouch The ritual container, made of three fox snouts, contains the earliest known evidence of ayahuasca preparation. https://www.nationalgeographic.com/culture/2019/05/ancient-hallucinogens-oldest-ayahuasca-found-shaman-pouch/

Update Ayahuasca situation in the Netherlands

Update Ayahuasca situation in the Netherlands We have received a lot of questions about the situation in the Netherlands concerning ayahuasca and if we are able to still provide the sacred plants. In October 2019 there has been a ruling of the high court that importing of ready made ayahuasca by the Sante Daime church […]

Bobinsana | Calliandra angustifolia: Little mermaid of the rivers

“Sirenita de los Rios, danza danza con el Viento…” These are the first words of a beautiful serenade to Bobinsana. “Little mermaid of the rivers, dance dance with the wind”.  This blogpost will tell you more about this beautiful plant. She is not only beautiful in appearance, but also as a plant teacher. Even it’s […]

World Ayahuasca Conference 2019 – Hope to meet you there!

Iceers World Ayahuasca Conference

World Ayahuasca Conference 2019 AYA2019 a coming together of our global community May 31 – June 2 | Girona, Spain Laura and Philip would like to meet you in person on this gathering. We hope to see you there! ICEERS’s iconic World Ayahuasca Conference is just around the corner!  This gathering will bring together an incredible […]