Our registered parcels ares shipped by DPD who hands it over to Parcelforce in the UK. However customs in the UK are delaying and even sending parcels back. We are doing our utmost best to get our parcels to you like we have done for years. Thanks for your trust.
Yes we can. For our customers in Europe using the registered shipping we can send to a DPD parcel shop nearby you.

April 2020

Dear Friends
Our carriers have informed us that the current global situation has meant that their standard processes are not running as normal. There are fewer transport aircraft flying and as a result, some orders are waiting to be shipped out from the Netherlands. Fewer flights also mean that packages are being rerouted via different postal hubs once they reach the US. Disruptions within the US to the USPS system could mean further delays.

Except for some parts of Northern Italy registered shipments in Europe are experiencing little to no delays.

We have been reassured by our couriers, and also by our customers, that our packages are being delivered but we are not able to monitor their progress, nor are we able to predict exactly how long they may take to reach their destinations.

At this point, all we are able to do is to ask for your patience and understanding. Until the global situation stabilises and processes start to normalise, we are going to have to ask that you wait a little longer for your order to arrive.

We appreciate the obvious frustration caused by this situation. Please rest assured that we are committed to you receiving your order as quickly as possible and that we are monitoring the situation and adapting our shipping methods as required.

Thank you for your understanding
Love & Blessings from all at Waking Herbs
You can expect to receive a used box when your order is shipped out, as we have deals with local shops to re-use their boxes. Our products are professionally packed in re-usable tins and plastic bags. We hope you re-use these materials. We try to minimise waste as much as possible. Plastics and paper are picked up for recycling and all the plant material goes in our garden. As we are aware that shipping these sacred plants across the globe costs energy we try to keep the weight of the parcels as low as we can. And of course we plant more sacred plants than we harvest.
You can expect your order to be packed in a mailbox, envelope or a bigger box with no reference to our website. Only carrying the obligatory things as addressee and sender. Basically it is just a very normal parcel which will draw no attention. Each order is packed the way we would like to receive it ourselves. With love and extra blessings for safe travels.
Most likely we do. However not all products to every country due to legislation of some of those countries. Check the product to see if we ship your favourite one to your country. We have many happy customers in the US, Canada, Australia and throughout Europe and Asia. We send every order with extra blessings for safe and smooth shipping. Please keep in mind that customs of some countries such as South Africa, Israel, Iceland and a few others can delay the orders.

We offer two types of shipping to countries other than the USA:

  1. Registered shipping:  This comes with tracking and is much faster than our Free shipping.
  2. Free shipping: For this service no tracking is available.  It tends to be half as quick as the registered shipping.
But hey, ... if you're not in a hurry and tracking is not important please feel free to use our reliable free shipping option.

Good to know

  • All your orders are packed and shipped discreetly with only the obligatory information such as shipping and return address on the outside.
  • Registered orders outside of Europe are sent with Postnl, a solid partner who hands your order over to the national postal company of your country. For instance in the US it will be USPS.
  • Registered orders within Europe are sent with DPD. Fast and trackable at all time.
  • Our Free shipping option is slow(er) but very reliable too. Estimated shipping time for outside Europe is between two to four weeks depending on postal flows.
  • For valuable orders we would advise the Registered option.
Of course it is possible to pick up an order in our warehouse in Haarlem, The Netherlands. We don’t have a shop, so you will have to make your order online. Pick-up can only be done by appointment.
2020 June - In normal times this is our message: The majority arrives within 10 days, but due to normal customs procedures and postal service schedules they can take up to 4 weeks outside Europe.We also offer REGISTERED shipping. These shippings are trackable and tend to be delivered faster than our free shipping. With Covid we see that parcels are all arriving. However some take 10 days others a lot longer. Please be assured that all parcels we are sending out do arrive.
EUROPE - Registered shipping We use DPD within Europe (except for Greece, Norway and Switzerland). DPD ships fast, very reliable and over the road with trucks. REST OF THE WORLD - Registered shipping For countries outside of the EU we use PostNL for registered shipping. We advise you to keep the weight below 2kg to have it travel quickly.
When you place an order in our web shop, you will automatically see the shipping options that are available, depending on your cart contents and the US state you are shipping to.  For different states we use different methods:
  Registered PostNL: This option ships using PostNL, the national postal service of The Netherlands.  Once the package arrives in the US, the USPS take over the shipping.  Orders can be tracked with the tracking tool found at www.usps.com. Registered via NY: Depending on which state you are shipping to, this option will be available in order to try and ensure that there are no delays to your package as it enters the US.  Packages are shipped first of all with PostNL to a NY forwarding address and then, from there, shipped on to you.  We will update you on the tracking once your order is shipped from the Netherlands and then again once it is forwarded from NY.  Updates can take up to 24 hours because we work in different time zones around the world.
Free Shipping from USA: For customers ordering only our Mimosa hostilis Hidden Valley and/or Mexican MHRBs, we have also established a warehouse that will exclusively ship to our customers from within the US.  This has the advantage of offering tracked shipping without having to pass through customs and a delivery time of only 3-4 working days. Orders will be shipped with USPS Priority mail.  This service is available for Mimosa only orders.  Any other products will need to ordered separately and will be shipped from the Netherlands.
Free shipping: There is no tracking available for this reliable, but slower shipping method.  Packages ship with PostNL and then are handed over to the USPS and deliveries may take up to 30 days.  This option is not always available, depending on what you are ordering and where you are shipping to.
Your shopping cart will always show you the shipping options available for your order, depending on your cart contents and the shipping address you have entered.