50x Powder Extract

  • Peganum harmala Whole SeedsPeganum harmala Whole Seeds

    Peganum harmala | Syrian rue | Extracts | HCL | Freebase | Esfand | Harmine | Harmaline

    Besides the whole Peganum harmala seeds, we offer you a wide variety of extracts. Please note that our 98% extracts contain harmine only. Our Full Spectrum 96% contains 50.5% harmine and 45.2% harmaline. The extracts are made in a professional laboratory.


    Family: Zygophyllaceae

    Genus: Peganum

    Origin: Iran

    Common Names: Harmel, Esfand, Aspand, Wild Rue, Syrian Rue, African Rue, Harmed, Techepak, Tukhm-i-isfand,  Uzarih, Besasa, Churma, Epnubu, Harmale, Gandaku, Haoma, Harmalkraut, Hermelraute, Hermel, Hermelkraut, Hom, Kisankur, Moly, Mountain Rue, Pegano, Pégano, Peganon, Sipand, Steppenraute, Syrische Raute, Wilde Raute.

  • Sceletium tortuosum (Fermented Kanna)Sceletium tortuosum (40X Kanna Extract Powder)

    Sceletium tortuosum | Kanna | Kougoed


    Family: Aizoaceae
    Genus: sceletium
    Species: S. tortuosum
    Common names: Kauwgoed, Kougoed, Canna, Kanna, Channa, Mesenbryanthemum tortuosum L.

    We offer you a full choice of forms of this beautiful plant. Our Vape oil and the 50x extracts are among our bestsellers and come highly recommended.