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You can expect your order to be packed in a mailbox, envelope or a bigger box with no reference to our website. Only carrying the obligatory things as addressee and sender. Basically it is just a very normal parcel which will draw no attention. Each order is packed the way we would like to receive it ourselves. With love and extra blessings for safe travels.
We take pride in discreet shipping. You can expect a sturdy (recycled) box to ensure that the items you ordered reach you safe. EUROPE - Registered shipping We use DPD within Europe (except for Greece, Norway and Switzerland). DPD ships fast, very reliable and over the road with trucks. REST OF THE WORLD - Registered shipping For countries outside of the EU we use PostNL for registered shipping. We advise you to keep the weight below 2kg to have it travel quickly.
An ACH payment (this stand for Automated Clearing House) is an payment method we currently only offer for customers in the US. On checkout you can choose this option. It's important to remember your exact order number. Instructions
  1. After placing the order you will be directed to Direct Debit Authorization Form (see example below).
  2. It's important to fill out this form as complete as possible, making sure all bank details are correct.
  3. Don't forget your signature. You can do this by using your mouse, touchpad or simply by typing your name instead (Type in Signature).
  4. Once you have filled out the form, please press the button ''Agree & Sign''
After the form is submitted we have to check and sign the agreement as well before we can start the one-off direct debit transaction. This might take a day or so. If you are unsure on how to use this payment method, feel free to contact us.
In normal times this is our message: The majority arrives within 10 days, but due to normal customs procedures and postal service schedules they can take up to 4 weeks outside Europe.We also offer REGISTERED shipping. These shippings are trackable and tend to be delivered faster than our free shipping. With Covid we see that parcels are all arriving. However some take 10 days others a lot longer. Please be assured that all parcels we are sending out do arrive.
Of course it is possible to pick up an order in our warehouse in Haarlem, The Netherlands. We don’t have a shop, so you will have to make and pay your order online. Pick-up can only be done by appointment. We don't accept cash payments.
You must be 18 years of age or older to place an order. We assume each completed order to be in compliance with this term. Please read our business terms and conditions for full details
Every customer is important to us. Whether you need 5 gr or 5kg, whether you want to spend $10.- or $100.-. So the good news is; we don’t deal with minimum orders, hurray!
You can buy Bitcoins with your own bank or credit card and simply send these Bitcoins to our Bitcoin Wallet. Why Bitcoins? It's easy, safe, fast, anonymous and almost free of transaction costs.
  1. Place your order in our shop, select "Pay with Bitcoin" as payment option on checkout and complete the order.
  2. You will receive an order confirmation, in the order confirmation you find the payment details and our Bitcoin wallet address.
  3. When you have done the transfer, please let us know the transaction details so we can find your payment. (order number, how many Bitcoins, date / time, sender, etc.)
How to get started with Bitcoin? click here for more info about bitcoin.

Where to purchase Bitcoins?

You can buy your bitcoins on different websites, you can use different payment methods, including credit card to purchase bitcoins. To buy Bitcoins with ideal or Bancontant use the following website: (Dutch based) or (US based)
Kampshoff Consultancy is the company behind You can find our contact information here. We also offer a number of services, trading under different brands. You can see our brands and their services providers at the end of the Privacy Statement. When we collect your information we may share it across our companies. The Privacy Statement and Cookie Policy explains how we use any of your personal information we might collect and how you can limit our use of it
Our products are not sold for human consumption. If you are looking for general and specific information about ayahuasca you must check the website of ICEERS. This is a non governemental origanisation that does terrific work. They also published Psycheplants a very useful and informative website co-founded by the European Union.
Since Brexit we ship with Postnl to the UK. This former national postal company of the Netherlands hands parcels over to Royal Mail. We advise you to chose our registered shipping to be able to track your parcel. Due to British border formalities shipments take one to (in rare cases) three weeks to arrive. is currently not available in all countries

We regret we cannot service all of our friends around the world due to legal restrictions and ambiguities.

For more information please see, or send us an email at

Thank you for your understanding.