How to use Palo Santo

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How to use Palo Santo

Bursera graveolens or Palo Santo, a beautiful aromatic tree, is prized for its’ aromatic wood. It has been used as an incense among native indigenous tribes for centuries and longer.

Palo Santo has a powerful energy, yet when it is burned, the results are one of relaxation, peace and wellbeing. It brings a fragrant and pleasant smell to any space it is burned in.

Only the naturally fallen trees produce the wonderfully woody scent. The longer the tree has been dead, the more potent the scent.

We proudly offer you Palo santo from a small village cooperation in the coastal area of Ecuador. It is sustainably harvested from a private reserve in Ecuador from trees and branches that have naturally fallen and have been laying dead for 4-10 years before they are harvested.

Many family members participate in making candles, incense cones, incense sticks and taking care of the trees. The oldest sister does the sales, the brother makes the candles, the incense sticks and cardboard boxes and the neighbour brings them with his car to Mindo, a day ride for them.

How do I use Palo santo?

Many beneficial effects have been attributed to Palo santo for centuries. Shamans, Mayans and Incas used the wood in their rituals, but Palo santo was also used in daily life.

Palo santo (also known as holy wood) not only has a positive, calming influence on the mind, but also physically has many applications. Palo santo is traditionally used for colds, flu, stress, asthma, headaches, anxiety, depression, inflammation, abdominal pain and rheumatism. Palo Santo can be beneficial for the aforementioned disorders.
Burning Palo Santo

Palo santo has a warm, sweet, soft fragrance that is mood-enhancing. The smell is soothing and brings a peaceful, warm atmosphere. Palo santo rests in depression, tension and negative feelings. Positive feelings are encouraged.

Because the smell is soothing and improves concentration, it is an excellent support for study and other activities that require concentration and focus. Also in meditation, yoga or quiet reading, the smell of Palo santo is a wonderful accompaniment.

How do I burn Palo Santo?

Take a piece of wood and hold a match or lighter at the end until it starts burning. Let the wood burn until you see the core glow and then blow out the flame. Place the wood in a fireproof dish or in a nice shell. With the smoke the smell of Palo santo spreads through the room.

To reinforce the smell, you can once again hold a flame by the blade and repeat the procedure. Note: the first time you light a piece of wood, it will take longer to glow well.

You can also walk through a room with a blazing stick to spread the scent. Repeat as desired. With daily use, the space will fill with warmth and tranquility.

Holy wood as a tea

Palo santo is also used as a tea. To make Palo santo tea, leave a piece of wood in a cup of hot water. Palo santo tea calms the immune system and nervous system, and speeds recovery in case of illness.

Note: this Palo santo is not sold as a consumer. Use of the wood for tea is at your own risk.

Palo santo as amulet

Palo santo wood is also traditionally worked and worn as an amulet. It protects against evil influences and gives peace. Children with nightmares get a piece of Palo santo wood to bed, so that they sleep peacefully and have no bad dreams.
Oil from Palo santo

Essential oil is extracted from the wood of Palo Santo. The oil of Palo santo contains many active oils, including high concentrations of D-Limonene and Monotropes which are mentioned to be very useful in combating the symptoms of cancer. Palo santo oil can be used in aromatherapy, and then has many relaxing and restoring effects. It can provide relief in depression, stress and anxiety.

By allowing aggressive (domestic) animals to smell palo santo, they become quiet.

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