Introducing a selection of our best Rapés for beginners

Introducing a selection of our best Rapés for beginners

Many people who want to try Rapé for the first time ask us:

What is the best Rapé to start with?

All high quality Rapés at WakingHerbs will give the beginner or connoisseur alike a great experience! It really is a personal choice and one where each person should take the time to ask what they want to experience with their Rapé and then listen to their own personal intuition and make their own choice based on gut feeling!

However if you are as yet undecided maybe a good place to start would be to try one of our impression packs such as the Five tribes Rapé set or the Nine Types Rapé set. A small but great value pack is the Rapé Lucky Pack

Another question that people new to Rapé often ask is:

What is your strongest Rapé?

Each Rapé has its own special qualities and we don’t have one particular Rapé which is the absolute strongest.

You can of course search our site for strong Rapés. Three strong Rapés we could recommend are:

Kaxinawa Cumaru Rapé #67

Katukina Samahuma Air Spirit Rapé #91

Kuntanawa Sacred Blend Rapé #93

As we mentioned in this post – What is Rapé? – we actually recommend beginning with a mild Rapé like the Colombian Bobinsana rapé, Katukina rapé zazará, Kanamari rapé or the Colombian caapi Rapé, and after a period increasing the dosage, depending on your level of tolerance.

We hope you will find the Rapé which speaks to you most and have an enjoyable first experience!

If you have any more questions please send us a mail or contact us on Facebook

Love and Blessings

Wouter and The WakingHerbs Team

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