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Plant spirit summit 2022

Plant Spirit Summit 2022!

We’re beyond excited to announce that we are the head sponsor of Entheonation’s Plant Spirit Summit 2022!
The plant spirit summit is a free 7 day online event that explores the intersection of plant spirit healing and psychedelic medicine, where over 40 artists and speakers will try to answer the question: “Can Psychedelics Heal the World?” Register now for the Plant Spirit Summit 2022!

Yajé – Ancestral Siekopai Medicine Teaser

🔥 Is there a place for ancestral indigenous wisdom in the Psychedelic Renaissance, or will ancient ways be eclipsed by modern science?

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As the Psychedelic Renaissance expands, clinical approaches to using psychedelics for healing is becoming increasingly commonplace. Retreat companies offering contemporary transformational experiences with ancestral medicine are cropping up all over the world like 🍄

Traditional ways of using sacred plant medicines like ayahuasca are evolving, within a Global Shamanic Revival that sees indigenous wisdom keepers traveling around the world sharing their knowledge, spirituality, and culture to an industrialized world hungry for meaning and authentic connection.

One of the things hardly anyone talks about when it comes to the globalization of ancestral plant medicines (like ayahuasca) is the Indigenous Cultural Revival that’s happening because of it. 💖

Indigenous youth are reclaiming their ancestral ways, and turning towards the wisdom of the Master Plants in their continued fight for sovereignty.

⭐️ This is why we are so excited to watch The Guidance of Yajé – Ancestral Siekopai Medicine at the upcoming Plant Spirit Summit May 23 – 29, 2022⭐️

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Filmed in the Siekopai territory in the Ecuadorian rainforest by indigenous leader Jimmy Piaguaje and produced by award-winning filmmaker Kumiko Hayashi, this short film will give you a glimpse of the importance of yajé for the Siekopai nation, the role this sacred medicine has played in the preservation of their culture, and the shamanic secrets passed on to the current generation of healers by ancestral wisdom keepers.

🔥 Get free access to this inspiring documentary, as well as 40+ fascinating expert sessions exploring the intersection of psychedelics & shamanism.

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