Blend Caapi & Chuchuhuasi | 50% Banisteriopsis caapi & 50% Maytenus laevii- Maytenus krukovii | 30x Extract

Blend Caapi & Chuchuhuasi | 50% Banisteriopsis caapi & 50% Maytenus laevii- Maytenus krukovii | 30x Extract

  • Water soluble
  • 30:1 resin
  • 30 kg of fresh vine and Bark was used to make 1 kg of paste


Family: Malphighiaceae

Genus: Banisteriopsis

Origin: Ecuador

Common names:  Ayahuasca, Caapi, Yagé, Yaje, Yahe, Yaxe, Hoasca, Vine of the Soul, Bejuco de Oro, Biaxa, Dapa, Doctor, Kaapi, Kahi, Maridi, Mihi, Nepe, Pinde, Totenliane, Vine of the Dead,  and Netma, Jagube.


Family: Celastraceae

Genus: Maytenus

Origin: Ecuador

Common Names: chuchuhuazo, chuchuguaza, chuchuguasi capinuri, chuchuhuasha o chuchuhuasi

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30x Extract Blend Vine (Banisteriopsis caapi) / Chuchuhuasi (Maytenus laevii- Maytenus krukovii) | Half B. caapi / Half Chuchuhuasi (50/50)

This paste blend was made with clean water only and freshly harvested Banisteriopsis Caapi and Maytenus krukovii. When the plants are used fresh the product is superior to when using dried product. Together with local indigenous friends we slow boil the Banisteriosis caapi and Maytenus krukovii for many hours (3 times 8 hours). After each 8 hour increment, we filter the liquid and then boil down the clear liquid until a thick paste remains. This is the pure gold of the 2 plants plant. You will love this blend.

Master Plant Teacher Blend

Many tribes regard Banisteriopsis caapi as a plant of the gods. Known as a Master Plant Teacher, this giant woody vine grows in the lush Amazon rainforest of Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Brazil, with many curious characteristics and properties that have drawn worldwide attention. It belongs to the Malpighiaceae family and has been traditionally used by countless South American tribes inhibiting the Amazon for thousands of years. Known most commonly for its healing power, this vine is richly steeped in cultural mythology and tradition. Although it is revered internationally it is still considered to be a very mysterious plant, arguably one of the most fascinating and culturally rich plants on earth.

Maytenus krukovii is respected as a plant teacher in Peruvian shamanism for the strength and protection it confers. It is one of the palos or trees included in la dieta, the shamanic diet, which forms the basis of shamanic training in the Ucayali region of Peru. Chuchuhuasi or Chuchuhuasa is one of many additional ingredients which can be added to the aya brew.




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