Acacia xanthophloea | Ubulawu dream herb | Mukanya Kude

Acacia xanthophloea | Ubulawu dream herb | Mukanya Kude


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Acacia xanthophloea

Mukanya Kude (Acacia xanthophloea) is a tree that grows in the swampy areas of the south and east of Africa. The tree has a yellowish bark from which its Latin name derives. The more widespread name of Mukanya Kude is “fever tree,” as the European settlers at that time believed that malaria was descended from these trees, rather than from the real miseries that inhabited the same marshy areas, the mosquitoes.

In African culture, and particularly in Zulu, the bark of the Mukanya Kude is known for its characteristic Dreams. These dreams are considered visionary and prophetic.

Ubulawu dream herbs

Mukanya Kude is one of the so-called “Ubulawu” dream herbs. This name is associated with a series of plants in southern Africa, which are used for visions and vivid dreams. It is said that by taking Ubulawu herbs you can communicate with the spirits of the ancestors and receive special insights and answers.


The bark is removed with a knife and bark collectors usually focus on larger-sized trees. The tolerance of Acacia xanthophloea to damage is high, and usually trees recover from bark removal as well as from elephant damage.

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