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Alicia anisopetala | Black aya | Trueno Thunder | Shredded Vine

Our Alicia anisopetala is considered by shamans to be for experienced users. Directly sourced from an indigenous family outside of Iquitos, Peru.



Alicia anisopetala | Black vine | Trueno Thunder | Shredded vine

Many shamans consider this liana to be the most potent of all ethnobotanical vines (more than Banisteriopsis caapi and Banisteriopsis muricata) and recommend it only for experienced users. Alicia anisopetala goes by other names such as: Ayahuasca Thunder, Black ayahuasca, and Ayahuasca Trueno.

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Native Use

Alicia anisopetala (Black vine) is a powerful ritual plant from the Amazon. Although still not well researched, native people of the past have regarded the plant as very valuable due to its potent properties.

We purchase our the vine from an elderly indigenous man that lives on his family chakra (traditional homestead plot of land with medicinal and staple food products) a few hours outside of Iquitos. He has been growing and protecting a selection of Alicia anisopetala vines for many years and is happy to share his crop with us directly at fair trade prices. We feel very fortunate to have met another  friend and plant lover.


Native to Perú, Alicia anisopetala is a plant that flourishes in rich and moist soils located in forested areas near ravines around  places partly shade and partly sunlit.

Scientific Information 

The genus Alicia is part of the same family as other ayahuasca woody vines (Malpighiaceae). At present, there are only two species recognized as belonging to this genus: A. anisopetala and A. macrodisca.

The vine is said to have some outstanding chemical properties such as tryptamines and beta carbolines. Other sources claim that there has been no trace found of carbolines and alkaloids. But further research is yet to reveal all of its healing and relaxing chemical properties. As soon as we find more info we will make sure to publish it here.







“We always plant more than we harvest.”

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