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Ayahuasca Amulets

Ayahuasca Amulets | Banisteriopsis Muricata | 3 pieces


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Product Description

Ayahuasca Amulets

Beautiful unpolished pieces of red ayahuasca vine from Ecaudor. Sustainable harvested in cooperation with Shuar healers in the Amazon.
You can add your own energy to these Ayahuasca Amulets by sanding them and making them into a beaufitul piece of jewelry or piece for your altar.
The diameters vary from 4 to 7 cm, the thickness is between 5 mm and 10 mm. As good things comes in threes we have packed three slices for you in one bag.


Sustainability is the keyword for Wakingherbs. We feel deeply responsible for maintaining and preserving the resources.
* for every vine we cut, ten are replanted
* we plant vines ourselves with members of the communities
* for shipping we use as much recycled material as possible
* we have deals with local shops to collect their boxes for re-use

Shamans of the Amazon

Among indigenous peoples of the Amazon, B. muricata is called ‘Ayahuasca de los brujos’ or ‘Ayahuasca of the sorcerers.’  In Quechua, the word Ayahuasca means ‘Vine of the Soul’. Shamans of the Amazon claim that they can achieve altered states of consciousness just by using this plant alone. Considered a ‘Master Plant Teacher’, there are approximately 70+ tribes who have traditionally used this vine for various purposes. This includes healing, spiritual sight, foretelling the future, divination and is responsible for the breadth of botanical knowledge held by these tribes peoples. Traditionally, the B. muricata vine is shredded, usually done by the pounding of smaller sections with a stone.

Mysterious & Strong

As a member of the Malpighiaceae family, Banisteriopsis muricata or Red Ayahuasca is a beautiful and mysterious vine.  It has very similar effects as the Banisteriopsis caapi, which is known as Yellow Ayahuasca. The exception is that B. muricata is considered a stronger medicine.  The rich red color it produces when extracted denotes its name, Red Ayahuasca. The leaves are also slightly different, with the B. muricata  leaves being smaller as well as a slightly different structure. Interestingly, another distinguishable characteristic that sets these two species of vines apart, is that there are two different types of ants who inhabit each vine.



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