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Banisteriopsis caapi Yellow | 30:1 Concentrated Paste Extract | Kichwa

This Banisteriopsis caapi yellow paste is made from freshly cut vine and clean water. 30 kg’s of fresh vine turns into 1kg of caapi yellow paste.

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Banisteriopsis caapi Yellow paste | 30:1 Concentrated Paste Extract | Kichwa

We make this Banisteriopsis caapi yellow paste with clean water and freshly harvested Banisteriopsis caapi. For every kilogram of caapi yellow paste, we use 30 kg of fresh vine. By using freshly cut vine, we preserve many of the ethereal oils and properties that otherwise get lost in the drying process.  We slow boil the vines for many hours with plenty of filtering steps along the way. We then slowly boil the liquid until it becomes our famous caapi yellow paste.  This is the pure gold of the plant!

Banisteriopsis caapi Yellow is one of the twenty known varieties of this important jungle liana. The name is derived from its golden hue when the vine is cut and dried. Our Banisteriopsis caapi yellow comes from a Kichwa family garden or ‘chakra’ in the Rio Napo region of Ecuador with whom our founders, Laura and Wouter, feel a very special connection. The members of this family come from a long ancestral line of ‘taitas'(healers). They live on ancestral land with a ceremonial cave-complex and sacred waterfalls. We have worked with them from the very beginning of Waking Herbs because they sustainably cultivate the vines by replanting 5-8 new plants for each one they harvest.

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Native use

B.caapi is a legendary vine which is also known as the “vine of the souls”. It is the main ingredient in the entheogenic bark beverage called  “ayahuasca” or “yagé” which is prepared, drank and shared by Amazon shamans during special ceremonies.  Many indigenous cultures believe that the drink opens up the user to extraordinary perceptions and potentially healing powers.

B. caapi is richly steeped in cultural mythology and indigenous traditional practices. This explains why it is considered worldwide as a unique entheogen that produces a sense of wholesome connection within the user, engendering mystical experiences.

For millennia, this plant has been considered a gift from the gods throughout the Amazon basin. To this day it is still regarded as sacred by many indigenous communities. It is often referred to as a “Master Plant Teacher” by which one could enter a spiritual healing doorway. Many cultures also believe that it facilitates self awareness, dream-like visions and that it helps overcome existential challenges.


The Malpighiaceae jungle liana is native to the Amazon rainforests of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Brazil. The plant thrives in humus rich soils, climbing and embracing other amazonian trees in search of sunlight. It can grow up to 40 feet in height! Its leaves are oval shaped and dark green with a slight silvery appearance. B.caapi prefers to grow on strong trees and the vine itself becomes thick and woody with age. The flowers are tiny of a white to pinkish color yet are seldom seen in bloom. 

Scientific information

The bark of B. Caapi contains 0.11-0.83% B-carboline alkaloids such as harmine, harmaline and tetrahydroharmine. These components are potent monoamine oxidase-A inhibitors (MAOI) that have been reported to support neurogenesis in the brain. 

Many ongoing pharmacology and clinical studies have provided evidence that B. Caapi may have therapeutic applications as an immune modulator, as well as in the treatment of some psychological disorders like alcoholism, substance abuse and serotonergic deficits. 

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“We always plant more than we harvest.”

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