Banisteriopsis caapi | Tigre | Colombia | Shredded Vine

Banisteriopsis caapi | Tigre | Colombia | Shredded Vine

  • Colombia
  • New in our range
  • Harvested August 2019

Common names: Banisteriopsis caapi Tigre, Tigre Ayahuasca

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Banisteriopsis caapi  Tigre | Colombia | Putumayo

Taita Yaiguaje from Colombia lives on the banks of the Putumayo River, he told us the stories, he shared his brew with us, and he allowed us to collect this precious vine.

In the knowledge of the Ziobain (Siona) people from Lower Putumayo in Colombia, this vine is planted in the jungle, away from human contact until its harvest. Its preparation is done on a new moon, and the stems are planted in a crescent moon.

Native Use

According to the stories told by the people from the upper Amazon in Colombia, Tigre Yagé got its name after special properties were given to the Taita (savvy of the spiritual world) who prepared the Banisisteriopsis caapi. He acquired a great development of the senses and powers until he was actually able to transform physically into a Butterfly Tigre (Panthera).

People tell the story of this great shaman who still walks at night close to the rivers, and who eats from this vine, he is the guardian of the territory, and the one who connects different worlds.

The Taita always has the Tigre by his side, because with the use of this plant in a ceremony, he can achieve difficult challenges, “such as returning the spirit of a person when he is lost”.


Scientific Information

The deep brown stems are filled with various chemical constituents. Harmine, harmaline and tetrahydroharmine are among a few, and are classified as harmala alkaloids and MAOI’s. Scientific analysis has identified the vines to constitute approximately 0.11-0.83% beta-carboline, with the majority being the harmaline and tetrahydroharmaline.

As the discovery and exploration of the traditional use of Ayahuasca grew, it became known for its telepathic powers; initially the psychoactive alkaloid was called telepathine, which is now known as harmaline.  When this root was used on its own, it producedmood-enhancing effects.

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