Banisteriopsis muricata paste | 30:1 Concentrated paste | Ecuador

Always a solid stock of our revered Banisteriopsis muricata paste. This red ayahuasca extract is made with fresh vine from shuar communities in Ecuador.

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Banisteriopsis muricata paste | 30:1 extract paste | Ecuador

We make this Banisteriopsis muricata paste with clean water and freshly harvested Banisteriopsis muricata. For every kilogram of this B. muricata extract, we use 30 kg of fresh vine. By using freshly cut vine, we preserve many of the ethereal oils and properties that otherwise could get lost in the drying process.  We simmer the vines for many hours with plenty of filtering steps along the way. We then slowly evaporate the liquid until it becomes our famous red ayahuasca paste.  This is the pure gold of the plant!

This red ayahuasca extract is water soluble. Also check out our other extract pastes from caapi yellow, caapi mono and caapi white. 

Native Use

Among indigenous peoples of the Amazon, Banisteriopsis muricata is called ‘Ayahuasca de los brujos’ or ‘Ayahuasca of the sorcerers’.  In Kichwa, the word Ayahuasca means ‘Vine of the Soul’. 

Many tribes native to the Amazon region regard Banisteriopsis muricata as a ‘plant of the gods’. Known as a Master Plant Teacher, this giant woody vine grows in the lush Amazon rainforest of Perú, Ecuador, Colombia and Brazil. 

Known most commonly for its healing power, this vine is richly steeped in cultural mythology and tradition. Although it is revered internationally, it is still considered to be a very mysterious plant. It is arguably one of the most fascinating and culturally rich plants on earth.

Shamans of the Amazon claim they can achieve altered states of consciousness just  using this single plant. There are approximately 70+ tribes who have traditionally used this vine for various purposes, including healing, spiritual sight, foretelling the future and divination. People praise it for its deep cleansing effect on the body as a purgative. It also cleanses the mind, heart and recharges the energy field of the user. This emblematic vine speaks of the breadth of botanical knowledge held by these tribal people.


The liana grows plentifully in the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador, close to the border with Perú. The root grows well in a rich, moist soil, with partial shade to full sun. The plant twines on other trees for support. Its leaves are broad and have little hairs on the underside that gives them an ethereal, silvery appearance. Flowers are white or pale pink but the plant is seldom seen in bloom.

Scientific information

Banisteriopsis muricata is one of the main ingredients of  Ayahuasca, a mixture used for thousands of years by various tribes of the Amazon. This brew has a long history of use as an entheogen and as a remedy.

Native Amazonian peoples have identified more than 20 varieties of Banisteriopsis caapi , B. muricata being closely related to them. B. muricata has very similar effects to the Banisteriopsis caapi, or Yellow Ayahuasca. The difference is that B. muricata is considered to be a stronger vine.  The rich red color it produces when extracted gives it its name, Red Ayahuasca. The leaves are also slightly different: the B. muricata  leaves are smaller and have a slightly different structure. Interestingly, another characteristic that sets these two species of vines apart is that there are two different types of ants who inhabit each vine.

The stem of the vine contains various chemical components such as harmine, harmaline and tetrahydroharmine. These components are classified as MAOIs, or monoamine oxidase inhibitors. Scientific research reports the vines to have approximately 0.11-0.83% beta-carboline, the majority of which is harmaline and tetrahydroharmine. 

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Banisteriopsis caapi – Ayahuasca


Family: Malphighiaceae

Genus: Banisteriopsis

Origin: Ecuador

Common names:  Red Ayahuasca, Caapi, Yagé, Yaje, Yahe, Yaxe, Hoasca, Vine of the Soul, Bejuco de Oro, Biaxa, Dapa, Doctor, Kaapi, Kahi, Maridi, Mihi, Nepe, Pinde, Totenliane, Vine of the Dead,  and Netma, Jagube.

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