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Caapi extract | Munay Intention | Shipped from USA

Munay Intention is an essence of Banisteriopsis caapi yellow. It is a purified extract with a ratio of about 3:1. Munay Intention is made with only three ingredients: Banisteriopsis caapi yellow, water, and alcohol.

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We use ultrasonic waves in our extraction method for this essence (Caapi extract). The extraction process is unique in that we don’t heat the plant during the entire process. This keeps vital properties intact as the plant materials aren’t boiled.

Munay Intention Essence is a purified extract. Non-essential fats have been removed from the final product. This additional step ensures a higher level of plant alkaloids in the final caapi extract.

Every bottle of this caapi extract contains plant actives of about 3 times its weight in dried plant material. That means 1 ML of extract contains about 3 grams of dried Banisteriopsis caapi. This Caapi essence contains 40% of alcohol to guarantee a long shelf-life.

Caapi extract from replanted yellow caapi vines

Caapi is a jungle vine that primarily grows in the Amazon. It has been used for centuries by indigenous people of the Amazon for different purposes. In large parts of South America, the vine is called ayahuasca, which freely translates into the vine of the soul. 

Munay intention is an extract from yellow B. caapi. All of the caapi vines used for this extract are directly sourced from a replanting project that was started in 2013 in Ecuador.

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“We always plant more than we harvest.”

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