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Diplopterys cabrerana | Chalipanga | Chaliponga | Chagropanga | Wild Crafted | Leaves and Vine

Our Diplopterys cabrerana is planted, harvested, and blessed by one of our dear friends and Kichwa shaman from Rio Napo, Ecuador.

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Diplopterys cabrerana | Chalipanga | Chaliponga | Chagropanga | Wild Crafted | Leaves and Vine

Our Diplopterys cabrerana  is planted, harvested, and blessed by an extraordinary kind Kichwa shaman. Together with his family, he lives on sacred land in the Rio Napo Province in Ecuador surrounded by waterfalls and pristine forests.

We are proud and honored of having become close friends and partners of these remarkable people in order to be able to plant, grow, harvest, and spread plant remedies all around the globe.

What started off as a small project between friends, has become an important source of income for many families in several parts of the Ecuadorian Amazon. Usually, the indigenous people we work with all have a forest garden or ‘chakra’ where they grow medicinal, edible, or otherwise useful plants for their families.

Chalipanga is often used in combination with B. caapi yellow or B. muricata.  


The vine prefers to grow along riverbanks and can be found in the warm, moist tropical jungle regions of Brazil, Perú, Ecuador, and Colombia.

Scientific Information

The Diplopterys cabrerana vine has ovally shaped leaves, very glossy and waxy and when held up to the light, they shine. Curiously, the leaves are very reminiscent of the Banisteriopsis caapi vine, but are slightly larger in size.




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“We always plant more than we harvest.”

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