Diplopterys cabrerana | Chalipanga | Chaliponga | Chagropanga | Wild Crafted | Leaves and Vine

Diplopterys cabrerana | Chalipanga | Chaliponga | Chagropanga | Wild Crafted | Leaves and Vine

  • August 2019: fresh stock of leaves
  • January 2020 fresh stock of vines
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Family: Maphighiaceae

Genus: Diplopterys (formerly Banisteriopsis)

Species: D. cabrerana

Origin: Ecuador

Common names: Banisteriopsis rusbyana, Banisteriopsis longialata, Chaliponga, Chagropanga, Chalipanga, Chacruna, Oco-yage (water yage), Biaxii, Chagrupanga (Inga, ‘chagr leaf’) Ka-hee-ko (karapana), Kahi (Tukano, ‘that which causes vomiting’), Mene Kahi Ma, Nyoko-buko Guda Hubea Ma (Barasana) Yaco-Ayahuasco (Quechua/Peru), Yahe Vine

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Diplopterys cabrerana |Chalipanga| Leaves and Vine

Our Diplopterys cabrerana (Chaliponga) is planted, harvested and blessed by a beautiful kind Quechua shaman and his loved ones. Together with his family he lives on sacred land in the Rio Napo Province in Ecuador surrounded by waterfalls and incredible forests.

We have the honor of having become close friends and partners in planting, growing, harvesting and spreading plant remedies all around the globe.

What started off as a small project between friends now has become an important source of income, growth and independence for many family member and friends in several parts of the Amazon from Rio Napo to Macas and from there to Yasuni and beyond. Traditionally the indigenous people we work with all have a forest garden or Chacra where they grow medicinal and edible plants for their families.

Live and work with the plants

We work and stimulate this way of growing plants for the world as much as we can to strengthen and encourage this beautiful and harmonious way of living in the forest and taking care of its inhabitants. Together we now grow thousands of plants, trees and vines to make sure that we give back more than what we harvest now but also in the future in which hopefully many people from around the globe will share in our hobby and passion to live and work with the plants.

We guarantee and work hard that all the plants that go through our hands are filled with clean and beautiful energy so all that receive and pass on can enjoy the gift from the universe we enjoy so much ourselves 🙂

Of course no fertilizers nor pesticides are used and above fair trade prices are paid to all involved in our projects!


The Diplopterys cabrerana vine has oval shaped leaves, very glossy and waxy and when held up to the light, they shine. Curiously, Diplopterys cabrerana leaves are very reminiscent of the Banisteriopsis caapi vine, however are slightly larger in size.  Diplopterys cabrerana prefers to grow along riverbanks and can be found in the warm, moist regions of Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia.

Aside from being an integral part of the traditional Ayahuasca brew, the leaves have also been revered for their shamanic healing capabilities. They were also used as a part of specific healing practices within the Amazon and its healing ability was understood as being beyond any earthly understanding.

Diplopterys cabrerana is often used in combination with Banisteriopsis caapi, Banisteriopsis muricata, Peganum harmala or Alicia anisopetala.

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