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Brunfelsia grandiflora | Manacá | Chiriq sanango | Leaf or Root Bark | Borachero

  • shredded rootbark
  • beautiful leaves


Family: Solonaceae

Genus: Brunfelsia

Origin: Ecuador

Common Names: Manaca, Chiricaspi, Sanango, Borachero, Chacruco, Chiriq sanango, Royal purple brunfelsia, Kiss-me-quick, Yesterday-today-and-tomorrow, chiriq sanankuManacá, manacán, chiric sanango, chuchuwasha, manaka, vegetable mercury, managá caa, gambá, jeratacaca, bloom of the lent, camgaba, Christmas bloom, chuchuwasha, gerataca, geratacaca, good night, jerataca, moka pari, Paraguay jasmine, santa maria, umburapuama, white tree



Brunfelsia grandiflora |Manacá | Chiriq sanango | Leaf or Root Bark | Borachero

We offer leaves and shredded rootbark of the Brunfelsia grandifloria.

Chiriq sanango

There has been many traditional uses of Chiriq sanango in the past for example the Amazonian people used it for ceremonies of ritual healing and other religious observances. The Indians, especially the shamans of Cofan tribe use the herb’s roots and barks to make tea which is drank for the purposes of gaining powers of seeing into the body of an ill patient. In Peru, the roots are sometimes taken as a plant teacher for a period of one month. In the river basin of Amazon, the leaves, roots and root barks are added to Ayahuasca brews which produces a brew blessed by the plant and animal spirits.

Beautiful flowers

Brunfelsia grandiflora is indigenous to the tropical regions of South America, Brunfelsia grandiflora  or Chiriq sanango is a shrub that is abundant on Brazil and the Islands of Caribbean. If the shrub is left unattended, it can grows up to three meters tall and develops leaves that are dark green. Long and oval in shape which can grow up to twelve inches long. Due to its beautiful flowers that blossoms periodically, Brunfelsia grandiflora has been cultivated to add aesthetics to the owners compound or household.

The beautiful flowers follow the shape of the trumpet, thin in profile, four inches long and produces up to five petals that are elegantly arranged and varying in tinge making it ornamental to look at. All the way from lavender to dark blue to light purple and white, the petals can make a household peaceful and serene. It is widely spread and has therefore attracted many other names such as: Bella Union, Borrachero, Chacruco, Chipiritsontinbaka, Chiricaspi Salvaje, Chiric Sanango, Huha Hay, Kiss-me-quick, Manaka Root, Sanango, Picudo, Royal Purple largeflower brunfelsia and chiricsanango. For the ones interested in planting the shrub, it propagates via cuttings or through its roots.

Jungle helper

Brunfelsia grandiflora is used by the tribes in Amazon to treat ailments such as: symptoms of syphilis, snake bites, yellow fever, and arthritis. A tropical rub was also made which helped them to treat rashes and insect bites. In modern medicine, though not well embraced, its scopoletin which is an active alkaloid has been demonstrated to regulate blood pressure and has anti-inflammatory characteristics. These are useful in helping those that have asthma and other bronchial disorders.

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