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Huayruro Necklace | Good luck and Balance | Waorani | Amulet

  • Beautiful necklace made of different seeds
  • Length around 45 cm
  • Colours can differ a bit from the picture



Huayruro Necklace – Ormosia amazonica

This beautiful Huayruro necklace is made by women of the Quechua tribe in the Rio Napo area in Ecuador. The brightly colored Huayruro seeds are widely used in Amazonian crafts and jewelry; they protect travelers and attract good fortune. The huayruro macho (male) seeds are black and red, and the huayruro hembra (female) seeds are all red. It is said that wearing them gives protection against the mal de ojo (evil eye).

The necklaces are made from seeds that have been wild harvested from the forest, some beeds and a string. Of course they are handmade and yes they are fairtrade.

With buying this Huayruro necklace you support the women of this Quechua community.


The seed of many if not all species in the genus of Ormosia contain alkaloids and are toxic.


Ormosia amazonica is an evergreen or briefly deciduous tree with a large, moderately dense, rounded crown; it can grow 25 – 35 metres tall. The seedpods open whilst still on the tree. The Huayruro seeds, however, often remain in the canopy for months after this, resting in the open pods until the wind or some animal dislodges them – or until the pod rots and falls to earth.


“We always plant more than we harvest.”

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