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Acacia confusa
Acacia confusa (Acacia Root Bark)Acacia confusa (Rainbow Root Bark)

Acacia confusa | Acacia root bark | ACRB


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Family: Fabaceae

Genus: Acacia

Origin: Taiwan

Common names: Hsiang-si-siū or ‘the-thinking-of-each-other tree’, Sióng sí su, Siòng s’ shu2 (Hakkanese), Formosa acacia, Formosan koa, Acacia petit feuille, Taiwan Acacia, Kainauna (Bunun), Tyokoru, Tyokozi (Paiwan), and small Philippine Acacia

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Product Description

Acacia confusa; traditionally used as a medicine by the original people of Taiwan, this perennial’s origin can be traced back to South-East Asia. Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners also use Acacia confusa as medicine. It is said that ancient herbalists of China whispered of this tree’s ability to lead one into mysterious worlds. There are rumors of some of the older Taiwanese people who knew of the power possessed by the Acacia tree. In more modern times, the medicinal use of the Acacia tree has become elusive and mysterious among the local people, perhaps one of their best-kept secrets.

In Taiwan, the Acacia grows mostly on the slopes of mountains that range anywhere from 5 to 2,000 meters above sea level. As a very robust tree, its roots carve their way through slate and rock, penetrating deep into the mountainside. With their strong root systems, the Acacia can withstand flash flooding, eroding soil and gale-force winds. For this reason, among many others, this very resilient tree is suited to live in extreme conditions and possesses a distinct strength and adaptable character. They can grow to be over 20 meters high with a trunk circumference up to 1 meter.  The trunk has a thick bark that is red-pink in color. The leaf clusters appear like feathers, made up of numerous tiny leaves that resemble wings; they are known as phyllodes. When in flower, the tree produces beautiful yellow blossoms that fruit into bean pods filled with many seeds of light brown to cream in color. The wood of the Acacia is strong and durable, making it popular for use in all manners of building.

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