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Healing Herbs – Essentials – bundle

Bundle of three special healing herbs products:

1 x Horchata Andean Herbal Tea 75gms
1 x Copaiba essential oil 20ml
1 x Palo santo essential oil 20ml

10% Discount on standard prices


Horchata | Andean herbal tea | 18 herbs and flowers


Genus: diverse

Family: diverse

Origin: Ecuador

Common names: Horchata, 18 herbs and flowers

75 gr

Copaifera officinalis oleoresin | Copaiba oil

  • Raw Oleoresin, not processed in any way
  • Beautiful aroma


Family: Burseaceae

Genus: Dacryodes

Origin: Peru

Common names: Copalli, Pom, Copal Blanco, Uguna, Guana, Tabonuco, Copaifera, Cupayba, Copauba, Balsam Copaiba, Copaiva, Copaiba-verdadeira, Jesuit’s Balsam, Copaibura-de-Minas, Cobeni, Matisguaute, Matisihuati, Mal-Dos-Sete-Dias, Aceite de Palo, Pau-de-Oleo, Básamo de Copayba

Bursera graveolens oil | Palo santo oil | Aromatherapy | Heiliges Holz Öl

Our Palo santo oil is steam distilled with only water. No preservatives are added. Palo santo is traditionally used for purification and cleansing rituals.


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This special Healing Herbs & Good Vibes bundle is offered at a 10% discount and contains the following products:

1 x Horchata – Andean Herbal Tea 75gms

Ecuadorian Horchata tea | 18 Herbs and Flowers
Ecuadorian Horchata tea | 18 Herbs and Flowers

Horchata – Andean Herbal Tea is one of our favourite herbal remedies which we drink every day.

Horchata is a diuretic, Kidney cleanser and helps promote liver heath. It acts as a moisturizing tonic to the brain and is high in High in Folic Acid /Vitamin B9. Ecuadorians believe that horchata is anti-inflammatory and helps reduce stress. It’s also claimed to improve digestion, clear the mind, and cure cancer. The Technical University of Loja studied the health affects of Horchata and found that it prevented new growth of cancer cells. Other health benefits of drinking horchata include providing your body with essential vitamins and minerals.**




1 x Copaiba Copal Oil 20ml

Copaiba oil
Copaiba oil

Copaiba Copal Oil has been found to have anti-inflammatory, as well as anti-tumor, anti-tetanus anti-septic and anti-hemorrhagic properties. As an essential oil, it has been found to be effective at reducing pain and inflammation, infection, and enhances respiratory capacity.**






1 x Palo Santo Essential Oil 20ml

Palo Santo oil | Bursera graveolens oil | aroma therapy
Palo Santo oil | Bursera graveolens oil | aroma therapy

Palo Santo is a beautiful tree, prized for its aromatic wood. Used to spiritually cleanse impure energy, calamity and misfortune. This tree has a powerful energy which brings relaxation, peace and wellbeing. It brings a fragrant and pleasant smell to any space it is burned in. There are many health benefits reported by the tribes who burn the palo santo wood. **

A few drops of palo santo oil in your diffuser or oil burner will help to cleanse the energy of your room.**









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