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Marble and Serpentine Kuripe | Rapé Applicator | Jaguar | Condor | K6

Beautiful Stone Kuripes

  • Jaguar
  • Condor
  • Tremendous blowing power



Marble and Serpentine Kuripe | Rapé Applicator | Jaguar | Condor| K6

These unique  Marble and Serpentine Kuripes are custom made for us by a Quechuan Artist from the Andes.

They have a tremendous blowing power.

We have two designs available for the Marble and Serpetine Kuripe:
* Jaguar (check this beautiful story from the Kayapo Tribe “the Fire of the Jaguar)
* Condor

The White versions are cut out of Marble.
The grey and black ones are cut out of Serpentine stone. Serpentine stone is usually green and rarely found in black.

Please choose which one you would like.

The long end is approximately 10 cm long, the short end is approximately 4 cm long. The Jaguar kuripes have a whole on the top so you can hang them on a necklace.

All handmade and fairtrade.

Kuripe or Tepi

Traditionally, rapé is administered through either the Tepi or Kuripe. The Kuripe is a for self-administration and the Tepi is used when blowing the snuff for another person. The V-shaped applicator or Kuripe, connects the nostril to the mouth. The Tepi is a long blow pipe that connects the nostril of the receiver with the mouth of the blower, who then blows the rapé into the nose of the receiver.

Opening the Chakras

In general, the tribes believe Rapé facilitates the opening and clearing of the chakras, facilitates a sense of grounding and connection to the earth.  Some think it supports the release of disease from the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.  Furthermore some say that using rapé opens the third-eye chakra, decalcifies the pineal gland, clears mental fog and confusion. Finally it releases negative thought patterns and most of all it supports our connection to the breath and expands our connection to Spirit.

Find out more

Would you like to know more about the Amazon indigenous people? Check this interesting website.

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