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Mitragyna Javanica (Kra Thum Na) |
Mitragyna_Javanica_leaf_3 570 x 708Mitragyna_Javanica_leaf_2 570 x 708Mitragyna_Javanica_leaf_1 570 x 708Mitragyna Javanica (Kra Thum Na) | WakingHerbs.comMitragyna_javanica_EXTRACT_2 570 x 708Mitragyna_javanica_EXTRACT_1 570 x 708mitragyna-javanica6mitragyna-javanica5mitragyna-javanica4mitragyna-javanica3mitragyna-javanica2mitragyna-javanica1

Mitragyna javanica | Kra thum na | Ketum | Mitragyne



Family: Fabaceae

Genus: Mitragyna

Species: M. javanica

Origin: Thailand

Common names: Kra thum Na

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Product Description

Mitragyna javanica is a cousin to the more commonly known mitragyna speciosa. Although it appears to have the same effects as M. speciosa, it is weaker in effects when the same dosage is taken. There is a difference in the chemical constituents, as M. javanica does not contain the constituent mitragynine, but contains a high amount of another alkaloid called mitrajavine.

M. javanica is a rare plant and is more difficult to find, and it does look similar to its cousin, though its leaves completely different. Due to the illegality of M. speciosa, many are experimenting with Mitragyna javanica in order to achieve similar effects, though there is very little research done with the javanica species.

Mitragyna javanica is newer to the market and is relatively unknown to many. It is a small tree that grows mainly in Southeast Asia and the Russian lowlands. The effects of Mitragyna javanica are milder, requiring a higher dosage, however is suitable for relaxation and relieving physical tension.

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