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Munay Amazonian Reishi | Ganoderma applanatum extract

Munay Amazonian Reishi extract is a full spectrum concentrate of Ganoderma applanatum. This extract contains Ganoderma applanatum fruiting bodies, water and alcohol (60%) 



Munay Amazonian Reishi extract is a full spectrum concentrate of Ganoderma applanatum. This extract contains Ganoderma applanatum fruiting bodies, water and alcohol (60%).

Traditional use:

Ganoderma applanatum is a mushroom that grows worldwide and that has been widely used in folk medicine for a number of health benefits.

Ganoderma applanatum:

  • It can help with digestion issues.
  • It can help to reduce phlegm in the airways.
  • It is known to have potential to relieve pain.
  • It is said to have immune-modulating properties.

For this Amazonian Reishi extract, we only use Ganoderma applanatum that comes directly from an indigenous community called the Siekopai people. Just after raining season, the members of this community go out onto their ancestral lands to harvest fully-grown Ganoderma applanatum. An independent, onsite ecologist who specializes in mycology manually assesses the harvested fruiting bodies so that we are sure that we are dealing with the correct type of mushroom.

By buying this extract from our store, you are directly supporting the Siekopai community in Ecuador.

Production Process:

This full spectrum concentrate is designed to convey the entire character of Ganoderma applanatum while keeping convenience and ease-of-use in mind.

By using ultrasound during one of the stages of our extraction method, we are able to break down the hard chitin layer in the fungi. Using this method, we rupture the fungi’s cell wall which enables us to extract a maximum amount of active mushroom components. This is how we can keep the naturally occurring synergy of different compounds intact.

This full spectrum concentrate has a long shelf-life because it contains 60% alcohol, which prevents micro-organisms from growing.

For every liter of Amazonian Reishi extract, we use 1 kilogram of Ganoderma applanatum fruiting bodies.

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Ganoderma applanatum fruiting body, water, alcohol (60%)

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