Katukina Ash powder | Byrsonima verbascifolia | Murici | #40

Katukina Ash powder | Byrsonima verbascifolia | Murici | #40


Origin: Brazilian Amazon, Katukina

Common Names: Rapa dos Indios, Indian Snuff, Hape, Rapay

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Murici ash (Byrsonima verbascifolia) We were given this beautiful product by an indigenous shaman healer from the Katukina tribe in the Acre state in Brazil. Local healers use this ash as a base or admixture to their rapé’s. If you are interested in creating your own rape or add a wonderful plant to your own powder this is a clean and high vibrational additive.

Byrsonima verbascifolia locally known as Murici do campo is a deciduous shrub or small tree usually growing up to 6 metres tall, but only 1 metre tall when in scrubby savannah. The crooked bole can be 15 – 25cm in diameter. The edible fruit is often gathered from the wild and is then usually made into juices. The tree is also a source of medicines, wood and tannins for local use, and is occasionally cultivated in home gardens for its fruit.

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