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Nukini Free Spirit Rapé | Tsunu & selected herbs | #100

  • Unique rapé of the highest quality possible
  • Beautiful composition of organic tobacco, Tsunu and a selection of herbs



Nukini Free Spirit Rapé| #100

This traditional Nukini Free Spirit rapé is of a beautiful intensity. It has a delicate aroma which accentuates the presence of the combined ashes within the blend. This high quality composition is made up of organic tobacco, Tsunu and around 5 aromatic plants (might vary depending on the season). The recipe is a secret and totally unique.  Until today we haven’t seen anybody able to copy it, not even within the Nukini tribe.

Platycyamus regnellii

Tsunu ash comes from burning the wood of the Platycyamus regnellii tree. It is commonly used by Amazonian tribes in making their rapés. Within some Brazilian tribes, Tsunu goes by the name Rume.

The Nukini people

The Nukini tribe lives Along the lush green banks of the Moa River.  Their language comes from the Pano linguistic root. Found in the center of the state of Acre in northwestern Brazil, this small tribe of 900 people has rich cultural expressions and a genuine lifestyle. All in harmony with the biodiverse most pristine native Amazon surroundings. This region also borders Peru and Bolivia where dense tropical forests are filled with sacred plant flora.  Many of their blends contain a flowery, fresh fragrance that offers a wonderful sense of grounding and clarity.

What is Rapé?

Rapé, pronounced ‘ha-pey’ in Portuguese, is a traditional snuff used by various indigenous tribes of South America. Predominantly tribal people from Brazil and Peru. Rapé blends contain a ground mixture of plants, tree bark, seeds, and ash. The fine powder is blown into each nostril through a bone or bamboo pipe called a ‘Tepi or ‘Kuripe’. The Tepi applicator is a long blow pipe that connects the nostril of the receiver to the mouth of the person that administers the snuff. The Kuripe is for self-application. The V-shaped applicator connects the nostril to the mouth allowing the snuff to be self-blown into the nose.

Each tribe has its own rapé formula and usually, it is women who gather the ingredients. The selection, mixture, and grinding process are regarded as a ritual only to be performed by a reputable healer. The snuff is typically made in small batches according to the specific needs of the person being treated or the ceremony’s occasion.

The use of Rapé aims to restore our connection to nature and a sense of grounding. It clears mental fog and confusion eliminating negative thought patterns. These powerful snuffs bring about physical and spiritual wellness. 

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