Nukini rapé | Cetico – wild mint | #24

Nukini rapé | Cetico – wild mint | #24


Origin: Brazilian Amazon

Common Names: Rapa dos Indios, Indian Snuff, Hape, Rapay


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Nukini Rapé Cetico Wild Mint

This is a wonderfully aromatic relaxing Nukini Rapé. It is an aromatic Rapé with undertones that are elegantly uplifting and opening while also grounding. The Nukini Rapé Cetico Wild Mint brings one into a state of calm particularly in the mind, but effects are also noticeable in the body as well.

Francisca sings songs to the plants before harvesting

We are proud to offer this high quality Nukini Rapé Cetico Wild Mint that comes directly from the Nukini tribe. Francisca Nuquini, who made this rapé is unsure of how old she is. However as an elder of the tribe, she says that she has been gathering and preparing sacred plants for as long as she can remember. A humble and gentle woman, she speaks slow and intentionally. However, when speaking of her medicines, her face lights up with a warm smile and her sweet laughter fills the space. During the weeks that we spent with Francisca, she shared with us the ancient secrets passed down to her from her Grandmother about how to prepare the best Rapé. She tells that the power is in the songs she sings to the plants before harvesting them for medicine and the special manner in which each part of the plant is respected and cared for throughout the entire preparation process.

Three Types

According to Francisca, there are three types of Rapé: aromatic, medicinal and energizers. With a loving smile on her face, she said the quantity of each plant in the mixtures is a secret that is kept to the women in her village and passed on to the following generations.

The Nukini tribe

Along the lush green banks of the Rio Poa, lives a very special group of indigenous peoples, known as the Nukini. Their language comes from the Pano linguistic root. Found in the centre of Acre, Brazil this small tribe of 900 people live in the heart of the Amazon. This region also borders along Peru and Bolivia where dense tropical forests are filled with a floracopeia of medicinal and healing plants. The majority of the plants that are used for making medicines and handicrafts are gathered by the women of the tribe. The Rapé, from the Nukini is known to be filled with feminine power as they are often formulated and prepared by the women of the tribe. Many of their blends contain a flowery, fresh odour and offers a wonderful sense of grounding and clarity.

(Cecropia membranasea + Mentha sp)

The Cecropia membranasea or commonly referred to as Cetico in Brazil, makes up the base for this formulation. The plant matter used is rendered into a fine and pure white ash where other medicines are then added into it. The Cetico itself contains a profile of chemical constituents including flavonoids, steroids and terpenes. Research is showing that this plant is an effective hypoglycemic, analgesic, antiulcer, along with antimalarial properties and it also possess wound healing abilities. A wild mint that grows in the Amazon is added to this formula that inspires its delicate aroma and brings to the formula a wonderful feeling of stillness. N. rustica is also a main ingredient in this formula. It is known for its ability to clear heavy and dense energy from the energetic field, negative and cyclical thought patterns and emotions that are arising to be cleansed and cleared from the heart. It helps to restore balance and clarity in the body, mind and spirit.

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