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Protium amazónico | Copal | White Copal | Uguna | Aromatherapy

  • beautiful resin
  • cleansing fragrance
  • well known as incense used in a sahumador (incense burner)


Family: Burseaceae

Genus: Dacryodes

Origin: Colombia, Peru, Ecuador,

Common names: Copalli, Pom, Copal Blanco, Uguna, Guana, Tabonuco



Protium amazónico

Protium amazónico (Copal) is an aromatic tree resin that has gained the ability of being useful in many scenarios be it in health or in the other industries. The oil is in between the states of gel/gum or the harder amber form.

This resin is burnt as incense in the homes of the Amazonian and Central American indigenous peoples, as it is an effective insect repellant. Well known as incense used in a sahumador (incense burner) in ceremonies.

Other reports or studies indicate that Copaiba is a stimulant derived from the trunks of many pinnate-leaved leguminous trees found in South America. Moreover, it is a wonderful oil that has been used traditionally to elevate the natural response of the body to digest.

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