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Rapé selection | Set of 3 | + Kuripe | Shipped from USA

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This wonderful rapé selection and kuripe give you an idea of the Waking Herbs’ rapé collection. It consists of three 6-gram tins of best-selling rapés and is offered with, or without kuripe (self-applicator).

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Rapé selection | Set of 3 | Kuripe | Waking Herbs exclusive rapé

This wonderful rapé selection and kuripe give you an idea of the Waking Herbs’ rapé collection. It consists of three best-selling rapés and is offered with, or without kuripe (self-applicator). We only offer high-quality rapés that are directly sourced from different indigenous communities from all over South America. This rapé selection ships from our USA warehouse for fast delivery!

This rapé selection consists of three kinds of rapé. They all come in 6-gram tins.

Inga Huito Rapé | Nukini | Spirit protector | #17

This Nukini Inga Huito Rapé contains ash from Nicotiana rustica leaves as well as ashes from the Inga tree and Huito-bark. Indigenous people describe how the bark of Huito can have all sorts of medicinal properties. Shamans consider Huito a “Spirit Protector” master plant. Some indigenous groups have used a decoction of the bark of Inga against headaches.

Kanamari Jaguar Tree rapé | Wild white cacao | #32

Our Jaguar Tree rapé consists of Nicotiana rustica leaves and wild white cocoa. Our Jaguar Tree rapé gives a pleasant, relaxing feeling. The presence of wild white cacao or macambo (Theobroma bicolor) gives this Kanamari rapé a mood-boosting effect. The compound theobromine -which is abundant in cacao- has been found to enhance cognitive performance.

Golden Boa rapé | Gesileu | #98

This intense Golden boa Rapé is one of our best-selling rapés in the store. It is an aromatic blend consisting of ashes from Nicotiana Rustica leaves, Tsunu seeds, and Cumarú seeds. Tsunu ash comes from burning the wood of the Platycyamus regnellii tree. It is a commonly used ingredient for rapés in the Amazon.

Hardwood Kuripe

These handmade hardwood kuripés have been made by our friend Maximiliano who lives in the Andean mountains of Ecuador. These are simple but elegant kuripes he makes for us.  We have been working with Maximiliano for over 5 years and have visited his workshop several times. He is very passionate about his work. You can now support his work by getting this Mahogany kuripe!

Next to this Waking Herbs’ USA rapé selection, we have a unique selection of herbs shipping from the USA. Check out our USA page.

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