Sida cordifolia | extract | Flannel weed | Bala | Country mallow | Ilima

Sida cordifolia | extract | Flannel weed | Bala | Country mallow | Ilima

  • 25:1 resin extract, water soluble
  • 10:1 powder exract


Family: Malvaceae

Genus: Sida 

Species: S. cordifolia

Origin: India

Common Names: Sida cordifolia, Flannel Weed, Bala, Country mallow, Heart-leaf sida, Ilima

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Sida cordifolia | Flannel weed | Bala

Sida cordifolia is a fast-growing, yellow-flowered regular native to the plains of south Asia. However, now you can easily find it in much of the different areas of the world, including Australia, Africa, Hawaii, and the southern USA. It has a heart-shaped leaf at each node that refers its name as “Cordifolia.”

It is an erect perennial that may be as higher as 200 cm. Its stem is yellow-green in color. And, the complete plant, including the stem, is covered with a soft hair like felt. The leaves are also yellow-green in color and covered with those hairs while the flowers are dark-yellow, and sometimes orange, in color.

We provide it in a powdered form of the extract that contains 10x Sida Cordifolia, i.e. its each 1 gm contains 10 gms of Sida Cordifolia. Thus, it is even beneficial to use the extract.


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