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Synaptolepis kirkii | African Dream Root | Uvuma-omhlope | Ubulawu

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Family: Thymelaeaceae

Genus: Synaptolepis

Species: kirkii

Origin: Africa

Common Names: Uvuma-omhlope, African Dreamroot, Uvuma Root, Dream Root, Kirkii Root



We are proud to offer you the whole root of this sacred Synaptolepis kirkii. Our African Dreamroot comes from South Africa. We buy it directly from two ladies who come from a long female lineage of keepers of sacred  and healing plants. Because of this direct line we always have fresh stock.

In Africa the plant is commonly known as Uvuma-omhlope

Prophetic dreams

Synaptolepis kirkii has been and is still being used traditionally to induce visions and to assist the traditional diviners to have clarity in their trance visions. It is believed that the roots of Synaptolepis kirkii has the ability of connecting one with his or her ancestors which culminates to prophetic dreams and to afford the diviners to obtain answers to particular questions. In other places, the plant was used to induce deep sleep to those who lacked the urge to sleep.

Uvuma-omhlope has got some traditional uses especially in Africa. There its roots are combined with many other herbs to produce a potion called ubulawu. Ubulawu was utilized to cause dreams, to make one enter into a trance and an emetic that eliminates toxins and unproductive body energies.


Synaptolepis kirkii is a shrub that possesses many branches and has got leaves that are dark blue-green colored having a spear shape. Its roots are fibrous coated with a porcelain white color holding a strong stem that is almost black in color. Synaptolepis kirkii grows and develops a flower that is tubular colored with a white tinge with its stamens carrying pollen that are orange in color. It is quite a colorful shrub as the description tires to portray. What is more, Synaptolepis kirkii’s flowers develop into orange berry-like fruits embedded in the base of the flowers. The berry-like fruits are edible and are very delicious when they turn yellow-orange to announce that they are ripe. The Synaptolepis kirkii is a shrub native to Africa whose large fibrous roots are dried and ground into a powder which is then enjoyed as a tea. The plant has got one other common name and in case you encounter it, then it refers to the same shrub. This common name is thus Uvuma-omhlope.


Looking at its chemical compositions, Synaptolepis kirkii contains alkaloids such as kirkinine which is a powerful neurotrophic. They help in making sure that nerve tissue survives by helping in its repair and re-growth of the nerve cells.

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