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Rapé Tagua Kuripe | K7 | applicator

  • Tagua nut (vegetable ivory)
  • Pure Tagua (Blanco) or Combination of Tagua and Wood
  • Handmade in Ecuador
  • Waking Herbs Exclusive
  • Excellent conductor
  • Elegant and simple



Handmade Ecuadorian rapé Tagua Kuripe  (applicator)

Each Tagua kuripe is handmade and unique. Available as Blanco made of Tagua only and as a combination of Wood and Tagua.

Excellent for self administering rapé. They conduct the rapé, breath and energy in a beautiful way.

These are true jewels, elegant and yet very simple. And also important; easy to clean.

Exclusively made for Waking Herbs Exclusive in an artisanal workshop in Ecuador.

Short side is 3,5 cm. The long side is 5 cm.

Tagua Kuripe

Tagua nut (Phytelephas sp) is also called ivory nut since its properties and looks are very similar to ivory.
The applicators are made with Caoba (Swietenia humilis) wood which is a durable and sustainably harvested hardwood from Ecuador.

Tagua nuts are harvested from the Tagua palm tree without harming the tree itself. This tree is widely spread in the tropical forests of Ecuador. Unlike plastic and other synthetic materials, Tagua nut is biodegradable, contributing to a more sustainable approach in manufacturing and consumption.
The history of Tagua is truly fascinating. Mayans, Aztecs, Incas, and Amazonian Indians held great appreciation for this vegetable ivory, both for its practical uses and its significance in their spiritual ceremonies. Likewise, in various other regions across the globe, people recognized the significant advantages of the ivory nut.

Throughout the centuries, Tagua has been skillfully crafted into numerous beautiful and functional objects. These include mah-jong tiles, pipes, umbrella handles, jewelry, and even chess pieces. Notably, the United States army once adorned their uniforms with tens of thousands of Tagua buttons.

Ancient Tool

The kuripe, also known as “curipe,” is an ancient tool with indigenous origins, specifically employed for self-administering a variety of substances, notably powdered medicinal herbs, snuffs, and tobacco. Its predominant usage is among the indigenous tribes dwelling in the Amazon rainforest region of South America, particularly those from Brazil and Peru.

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