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Diplopterys cabrerana (chaliponga Chalipanga leaf)
Diplopterys cabrerana (chaliponga Chalipanga leaf)Diplopterys cabrerana (chaliponga Chalipanga leaf)

Diplopterys cabrerana | Chalipanga | Chaliponga | Chagropanga | Banisteriopsis rusbyana



Family: Maphighiaceae

Genus: Diplopterys (formerly Banisteriopsis)

Species: D. cabrerana

Origin: Ecuador

Common names: Banisteriopsis rusbyana, Banisteriopsis longialata, Chaliponga, Chagropanga, Chalipanga, Chacruna, Oco-yage (water yage), Biaxii, Chagrupanga (Inga, ‘chagr leaf’) Ka-hee-ko (karapana), Kahi (Tukano, ‘that which causes vomiting’), Mene Kahi Ma, Nyoko-buko Guda Hubea Ma (Barasana) Yaco-Ayahuasco (Quechua/Peru), Yahe Vine


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Product Description

Quechua Diplopterys cabrerana

This Quechua Chaliponga is planted, harvested and blessed by Claudio a Quechua shaman who became a friend of us. Together with his family he lives on his ancestral lands in the Rio Napo Province near Tena in Ecuador. Tena is located in the rainforest, 420m above sea level.
With his family and our kids we have planted around 500 Dilopterys Cabrerana plants. These plants are for the Quechua people to use for their ceremonies and for us to spread around the world.
On the land where Claudio lives there is an amazing cave with a waterfall where ceremonies are held in complete silence and peace.

Only a part of the leaves are harvested so the plant remains strong. Claudio has many plants growing in his chacra,  a Quechua forest garden. The chacra carries a wide variety of medicinal and spiritual plants besides plants and trees that provide food. Of course no fertilisers nor pesticides are used.


Diplopterys cabrerana, native to the Amazon Basin, is a beautiful vine that is traditionally used as an adjunctive in a medicinal brew called Ayahuasca. Used by various tribes of the Amazon for thousands of years., D. cabrerana is commonly mistaken as Charuna, as both of these plants contain high quantities of the alkaloids di-methyltryptamine along with N-methyltetrahydro-beta-carboline that are found in both the stem and leaves of the plant. There is another compound found in the leaves known as methyltryptamine and limited amounts of bufotenin. The N, N-DMT is the most active compound in the chaliponga vine. For this chemical constituent to become active and absorbable, an adjunctive chemical is needed, known as an MAO inhibitor (monoamine oxidase inhibitor), which inhibits an enzyme in the stomach that prevents the DMT from being used; the MAOI is found in high concentrations in the Banisteriopsis caapi vine.


The vine has oval shaped leaves, very glossy and waxy and when held up to the light, they shine. Curiously, Diplopterys cabrerana leaves are very reminiscent of the Banisteriopsis caapi vine, however are slightly larger in size.  It prefers to grow along riverbanks and can be found in the warm, moist regions of Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia.

Aside from being an integral part of the traditional Ayahuasca brew, the leaves have also been revered for their shamanic healing capabilities. They were also used as a part of specific healing practices within the Amazon and its healing ability was understood as being beyond any earthly understanding.

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