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Bobinsana flower for alcohol extraction

The Role of Alcohol in Extracts

Munay extracts received several inquiries: “Why do you use alcohol for your extracts?” We use alcohol in our extracts because it aids in creating potent extracts. It has been a preferred solvent for herbalists for over 4000 years.
Importantly, it’s in the dose. As the great Paracelsus once said, “It depends only upon the dose whether a poison is poison or not.” While consuming excessive amounts of alcohol is not conducive to good health, small amounts generally do not lead to any undesirable effects or health risks. This could result in net-positive health impacts from lifting your mood to enhancing your immune system.
Munay Amazonian Reishi extract Front

In the world of extracts ,not all solvents are created equal, alcohol is king

Some refer to alcohol as the ‘universal solvent’. This means that it can absorb a very wide spectrum of characteristics from the plant that has been put into the mixture. Speaking in chemistry terms, alcohol contains both polar and apolar groups. This ‘eagerness’ enables alcohol to effectively absorb and deliver the medicinal characteristics of plants, the ethanol molecules are very prone to binding to other organic molecules.

We Work with Fresh plants

Strategically, located just a stone’s throw away from the Amazon rainforest, Munay’s production facility has access to a superabundance of plants and fungi. Until now, herbs would get harvested, dried, and then shipped off to faraway countries where they are processed into high-value products. Munay Botanicals immediately immerse plants in a water-alcohol mixture to preserve valuable compounds. This small step creates a big difference  ensuring that we have a wider spectrum of compounds present in our extracts.

Alcohol in extracts mean a longer shelf life

Moreover, maintaining a certain alcohol percentage ensures the Munay extracts have a long shelf-life. No bacteria or mold can grow in a liquid that contains at least 20% of alcohol. This method maintains the GMO-free, vegan, additive- and contaminant-free nature of our extracts.

It’s all around us

Interestingly, the trend of going alcohol-free is growing, and rightfully so! According to this article, there is now an unprecedented number of young people choosing a teetotal lifestyle. However, did you know that it is hard to completely eliminate alcohol from your diet? Eating a ripe banana means ingesting some alcohol. Alcohol is in fruit. It’s in bread. According to EU regulations, even your favorite non-alcoholic beverage may not be completely alcohol-free, potentially containing 0.5% alcohol.



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