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Pece day with Banisteriopsis caapi

The Unpredictable Contemplation of Peace Day

Have you ever sat with a hot cup of guayusa (or coffee if that’s your jam), take that first sip, and find your mind wandering? Today, mine wandered to Peace Day. Random, right? But bare with me. 

Growing up, my grandma would tell stories of local people coming together, just regular Joes and Janes, doing these incredible peaceful movements. Not always impressive or ending up in history books, but impactful all the same. Imagine Mrs. Jones from next door, rallying the neighbors, not for a block party but to echo the shared dreams of a peaceful tomorrow. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? What happened to those times when people cared, what happened to those thoughts? Why have they changed? Why are we all so blinded with social media and buying trends? How did we forget our connection to a higher source?

I recently read about the Civil Rights Movement of the ’60s. And sure, there were those larger than life figures and their monumental speeches. But I was struck by the quieter moments you know, like those heart to heart talks over shared pie or unscripted tunes humming with hope. Isn’t it weird how the small, almost insignificant moments can sometimes be the most profound?

peace day meditation in the mountains

Now, if you’re anything like me, inner peace is more of an ‘Oops! I overcooked the pasta again!’ than a consistent Zen vibe. Have you ever tried meditation? I´ve been practicing it for quite some time now but let me tell you in the beginning it is so hard! But when it does click? It’s like that feeling when your favorite song comes on the radio unexpectedly, like when all things come to place in that right moment. I like to think that if a whole community gets that meditation ‘click’, the shared vibe would be unreal. 

And speaking of communities, can we chat about the magic that happens when people come together? I stumbled upon this community deep in the jungle the other day, and wow! Just a bunch of people, knee-deep in mud, planting, laughing, and sharing, now that’s some organic peace right there. But that does not happen everywhere, it is a rare occurrence.  That sense of connection to world synergy. What happened to that? Where did we go wrong?

Okay, okay, before I sign off have you ever heard about those ceremonies with medicinal plants like  Banisteriopsis Caapi? Now, I’m no expert, but there’s something there, right? Beyond the science stuff, there’s this idea of connecting to something… bigger. A space where the problems of life seem… well, little. Why have we parted so far from this ancestral knowledge? Why is it so weird for us to hear about this when humans lived like that for hundreds of years, in symbiosis with each other and the environment?  Maybe Banisteriopsis caapi is a way of generating bigger connection, maybe its a path to our long lost roots.

Alright, I’m wrapping up this ramble. But hey, Peace Day isn’t just a date on the calendar. It’s a feeling, a thought, a random musing over a hot drink. So, here’s to finding inner peace in the imperfections and the little moments. Salud!

Author: Andrés Molestina




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