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Theobroma cacao in cayambe expedition

Theobroma Cacao Extract: Reviving Ancient Energy

Journeying into the wilderness often holds a mirror to our spirit, revealing our courage, resilience, and the unique bond we share with nature. This tale traces such a journey — a two-day expedition to the magnificent Cayambe volcano, deeply intertwined with the essence of Theobroma Cacao, an age-old source of nourishment, vitality, and adventure. 




Day 1: Theobroma Cacao extract – Fueled Ascent

Bright and early, we left Quito, eager to embark on this thrilling adventure. First stop was a gas station near the imposing Cayambe volcano, where some of us grabbed a quick breakfast. As we reached the hut, we were full of anticipation. Gearing up, we each savored the extract diluted in our water bottles. As we sipped on the extract drops diluted in our water bottles, we couldn´t help but wonder: Would the flavonoids present in the cacao truly enhance our blood flow and help us preform at high altitude?

As we ventured onto the icy glacial surfaces and climbed the stunning blue ice walls, we could still feel the surge of energy. It felt like we were one with the ancient Mayans, fortified by the power of cacao. The day passed in a blur of adrenaline and excitement, and as we descended back to the refuge, we were greeted by a beautiful sunset, a spectacle that etched itself into our hearts. 


Theobroma cacao extract at Cayambe with climbers


Day 2: Against the Winds

We left the hut at midnight, undeterred by the biting winds and the ever-present risk of avalanches. We pressed on, fueled by an unyielding spirit for our summit attempt. Amidst the challenges, we discovered the transformative power of the cacao essence once again. It provided us with a renewed sense of strength, easing inflammation, reducing stress, and sharpening our mental clarity. 

However, prioritizing safety above all, we made the challenging choice to descend before reaching the summit. As the day broke, splashing the mountains with a radiant golden glow, our pathway was illuminated. We found comfort in the captivating beauty encapsulated in our journey. Despite the summit’s elusiveness, we celebrated a profound sense of triumph, honoring the journey as much as the destination. 



Theobroma cacao extract for ice climbing


The Puma Encounter

As we began our descent, nestled in the comfort of our rental truck, we experienced a truly magical moment. A puma, majestic and elegant, appeared out of nowhere, crossing our path. Its powerful body, at least 5-6 feet long, jumped up an 18-foot wall effortlessly. This unexpected encounter left us awestruck. It felt as if we were meant to witness this incredible display of nature’s prowess, another testament to the deep connection we had fostered with nature on this expedition. 


theobroma cacao at cayambe



We journeyed up Cayambe seeking adventure. However, what we discovered was far more than what we initially sought. What we found was an accumulation of life-altering lessons. A stronger bond among us, and a deeper connection with the essence of the world around us. As we descended from the mountain, it was not just our backpacks that were heavier but our hearts too – filled with precious memories, newfound respect for nature, and a reignited passion for life’s adventures. 


Unveiling life’s profound lessons and richest experiences, we found, can often be linked to the most unexpected sources. Whether it be in the comforting embrace of cacao or in the demanding ascent of a mountain, there’s always a valuable discovery at the end.  Life, as they say, is indeed full of surprises.
And for that, we will always remain grateful for our journey to the heart of Cayambe.

Author: Andrés Molestina
About The Author

Andres Molestina, renowned photographer and storyteller, brings to light the world’s beauty through his distinctive lens. His project, “Paisajes Efímeros”, showcases Ecuador’s tropical glaciers, while “Para Esto se Vive” pulsates with the excitement of outdoor activities. Moreover, his spontaneous travel and photojournalism work capture life’s raw moments. But Molestina’s work goes beyond merely taking pictures—it celebrates and preserves our world’s stunning diversity for future generations.

Instagram: @andresmolestinag



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