8 oz(227 g)

  • Areca catechu (Betel Nut Whole)Areca catechu (Betel Nut)

    Areca catechu | Betel nut | Adike | Paan


    Family: Arecaceae

    Genus: Areca

    Common names: Adike, Areca, Betel Nut, Betel Palm, Betelnut, Fobal, Goorrecanut Palm, Gouvaka, Kamuku, Mak, Paan, Supari, Pinlang, Sopari, Tambul, Tuuffel

  • Banisteriopsis caapi yellow | Cielo | Ayahuasca | Quechua

    Always fresh stock of this highly recommended vine. This stock is harvested April  2018. Sustainable, fair trade and organic

    We offer you five forms of this excellent stock. All organic, all shade dried, all sustainably harvested.
    * Our shredded is very popular and comes higly recommended
    * Our logs or whole vines have a diameter of 1,5 cm to 4 cm. If you're looking for altar pieces or pieces to make jewelry please contact us
    * Our leaves are of the highest quality. Hand picked and selected
    * Our specialtiy are the pieces with bark. Several people asked for them, so here they are. Beautiful for making amulets
    * Our extract is a 30 to 1. Thirty kilos of fresh vine were used to make 1 liter of this pure caapi extract

    Family: Malphighiaceae
    Genus: Banisteriopsis
    Origin: Ecuador
    Common names: Yellow Ayahuasca, Caapi, Yagé, Yaje, Yahe, Yaxe, Hoasca, Vine of the Soul, Bejuco de Oro, Biaxa, Dapa, Doctor, Kaapi, Kahi, Maridi, Mihi, Nepe, Pinde, Totenliane, Vine of the Dead,  and Netma, Jagube.

  • Red Banisteriopsis Muricata (Red Ayahuasca Shredded)Banisteriopsis muricata | Red ayahuasca Vine| Red Caapi Yage | Shuar LEAVES

    Banisteriopsis muricata | Red ayahuasca Vine | Red Caapi Yage | Shuar

    Our highly praised red vine; available as whole vine, shredded vine, leaves or 30x extract


    Family: Malphighiaceae

    Genus: Banisteriopsis

    Species: B. muricata

    Origin: Ecuador

    Common names: Ayahuasca, Caapi, Yage, Hoasca, Natema, Red Ayahuasca, Yagé, Red Vine, and Daime.


  • Bauhinia forticata | Pata de vaca | Cows foot leaf | Unha de vacaBauhinia forticata | Pata de vaca | Cows foot leaf | Unha de vaca

    Bauhinia forticata | Pata de vaca | Cows foot leaf | Unha de vaca


    Family: Fabaceae

    Genus: Bauhinia

    Species: B. forticata

    Origin: Ecuador

    Common names: Brazilian Orchid Tree, Pata de Vaca, Casco de Vaca, Mororó, Pata de Boi, Unha de Boi, Unha de Vaca, Unha-de-anta

  • Celastrus paniculatus | Intellect tree | Jyotishmati | Mal-kangani


    Family: Celastraceae

    Genus: Celastrus

    Origin: India

    Common names: Intellect Tree, Adilearicham, Bavangi, Black Ipecac, Black Oil Plant, Black Oil Tree, Celastrus Dependens, Celastrus Paniculata, Climbing Staff Plant, Climbing Staff Tree, jyotishmati Mal-kangani, deng you teng , 灯油藤 and Dhimarbel.


  • Leonotis nepetifolia (klip dagga) Wild FlowersLeonotis leonorus (Wild dagga) 100X Extract Powder

    Leonotis nepetifolia (Klip dagga) | Leonotis leonorus (Wild dagga)


    Family: Lamiacea

    Genus: Leonotis

    Origin: Pan-tropical

    Origin: Ecuador and Thailand

    Common names: Klip dagga, Lion’s ear, Wild dagga, Lion’s tail, Shandilay, Lion’s tail

  • Maytenus krukovii | Chuchuhuasi | Maytenus laevis | Chuchasha | Chuchuhuasha


    Family: Celastraceae

    Genus: Maytenus

    Species: Maytenus krukovii

    Origin: Ecuador

    Common names:  Chuchuhuasi, Chucchu Huashu, Chuchasha, Maytenus laevis, Maytenus ebenifolia, chuchuasi, chuchuhuasha, chuchasha, Maytenus macroparca.


  • Mucuna pruriens | extract | Velvet bean L-dopa | Levodopa 21,4%


    Family: Fabaceae

    Genus: Mucuna 

    Species: M. pruriens

    Origin: India

    Common Names: Velvet Bean, Cowitch, Werepe, Karara, Agbara, Cowage, Lacuna bean, Lyon bean, Donkey eye, Buffalo beans, Monkey tamarind, Carpogon capitatus etc.

  • Peganum harmala Whole SeedsPeganum harmala Whole Seeds

    Peganum harmala | Syrian rue | Extracts | HCL | Freebase | Esfand | Harmine | Harmaline

    Besides the whole Peganum harmala seeds, we offer you a wide variety of extracts. Please note that our 98% extracts contain harmine only. Our Full Spectrum 96% contains 50.5% harmine and 45.2% harmaline. The extracts are made in a professional laboratory.


    Family: Zygophyllaceae

    Genus: Peganum

    Origin: Iran

    Common Names: Harmel, Esfand, Aspand, Wild Rue, Syrian Rue, African Rue, Harmed, Techepak, Tukhm-i-isfand,  Uzarih, Besasa, Churma, Epnubu, Harmale, Gandaku, Haoma, Harmalkraut, Hermelraute, Hermel, Hermelkraut, Hom, Kisankur, Moly, Mountain Rue, Pegano, Pégano, Peganon, Sipand, Steppenraute, Syrische Raute, Wilde Raute.

  • rhodiola rosea

    Rhodiola rosea | Golden root | King’s crown | Rose root | Arctic root

    Wild harvested in the Altai region in Russia


    Family: Crassulaceae

    Genus: Rhodiola

    Origin: Russia

    Common Names: Golden Root, King’s Crown, Rose Root, Western Rose Root, Aaron’s Rod, Arctic root, Lignum Rhodium, Orpin Rose



  • Virola calophylla | Cumala | Baboonwood | ChalviandeVirola calophylla | Cumala | Baboonwood | Chalviande

    Virola calophylla/surinamensis | Cumala | Baboonwood | Chalviande



    Family: Myristicaceae

    Genus: Virola


    Species: V. calophylla / V. surinamensis

    Origin: Peru

    Common names: Baboonwood, Chalviande